How was it? What programs did you use?

I want to try it, but the browser thing is a deal breaker I think.

  • SudoDnfDashY
    63 years ago

    How do you plan to browse the internet?

    • DessalinesA
      103 years ago

      Trying to use the tui browsers would be pure torture for me. Pictures, icons, custom colors, sizing and layouts are so integral to the web… hell even markdown in a terminal isn’t ideal since it can’t do header sizes.

      Tuis do make sense for a lot of things, but not for media heavy things like the web.

    • [TK] Trainzkid
      83 years ago

      There are things like w3m and other text browsers. I could maybe even get away with curl if I knew it better.

      I watch a lot of YouTube, so I could maybe utilize the YouTube downloader cli tool so I can watch them locally.

      • flbn
        53 years ago

        dude i tried this cause i also watch a lot (admittedly, too much) youtube and it’s just too much of a bother on my slow ass machine. invidious helps.

      • Tmpod
        33 years ago

        Some video players (like mpv) allow you to stream directly from Youtube, with no need to download the full thing.