I thought about using my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as a NextCloud server, but research told me it would be too slow to be useful. Any cool useful projects I can do, without any extra purchases? I’m extremely low on money currently.

  • @freely
    52 years ago

    Tons of lighter services you can run. Even a media server is doable if you’re direct streaming instead of transcoding. Just depends what you want really.

    DNS (PiHole) is the super obvious choice, but you could do a personal VPN, email server, idk. The list is pretty endless.

    • @seahorse
      12 years ago

      Just a note: if you install PiVPN and then PiHole on the same pi, PiHole will detect it and use it as your DNS server, so you can block ads from wherever you go if you connect to the VPN.