I think XMPP.


I think in Conversations it switches from a green to a yellow sign).

There is no button called: verify key or something in conversations. It is a hidden setting. Do you know how to verify a contact without using the qr code? It’s a hidden setting and most users won’t know it. Neither does it give you info that you can verify keys by scanning qr code. How should a user know? Not. So they stick to default settings, and the default setting is, that an admin can inject keys anytime they want, without user noticing.

As for file sending, these are (usually still transport encrypted)

I’ve mentioned Gajim, not any client. Gajim uses jingle without transport encryption.


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You can either make e2ee easy to use and enable it by default, or you can try to make people understand what they are doing to protect them from edge cases. Conversations does the former, while not making the latter impossible.

…the “edge case” that e2ee should protect from third parties such as an admin to read the messages. A new key could create a pop up window that informs the user. If user doesn’t care, there can be an option for “never show again”. Having a function that says “verify key”, should also be expected from an app that argues to have secure e2ee implementation.

as most people don’t really need strong e2ee anyways.

Most people don’t need any. It’s infosec larping what people do. And then software developers build software for LARPing.

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