hi all, noob at this. are code editors just notepad but with text highlighting, file opening, and interpreters which you use a terminal application to execute?

  • @CaptainBasculin
    254 months ago

    IDEs visualise more data about the project you’re working on then just text editors. It might point out common errors/mistakes you’ve been doing on your code before executing it.

    Text editors don’t have these features.

    • @DudeDudenson@lemmings.world
      4 months ago

      You’re also forgetting automated refactors, git integration, maven integration and a whole lotta stuff that IDEs facilitate

    • Atemu
      114 months ago

      Though in the past decade or so, the lines have been blurred between a “dumb” editor and a full-on IDE with the advent of LSP, DAP and the like.