Been dealing with some mental health issues that make me barely functional persons. That affects me. I just wondering how it effects you?

  • PicoBlaanket
    31 year ago

    The main ‘mood fixes’ for me are:

    1. Sleep a lot (the most important)
    2. Hard exercise (like sprinting or pushups)
    3. Read a couple chapters of a book you actually like.

    And to deal with the actual ‘causes’:

    1. Write a list of what causes the anxious / bummed feelings.
    2. Divide that list into two groups - “Thing I can change” and “Things I can’t change”.
    3. Beside each item on “Things I can change”, write a good idea for how to fix it.
    4. Pick ONE IDEA from “Things I can change” and start doing it (and decide to enjoy it).

    Something I notice… after doing those ‘lists’ and ‘mood fixes’… the situation is usually not as ‘hopeless’ or ‘complicated’ as it seemed.

    Feel free to share your lists/ideas (or feel free to message me if you’d rather discuss it in private). I will be honest and encouraging.