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I have a handful:

  • PlayerOne is a quick tool for picking a first player or splitting into groups. Open source, double-tap for extra options.
  • Ricochet Robots Solver is a solver for the Ricochet Robots board game. Written in Rust compiled to wasm for web, open source.
  • Gridfinder can help you find the grid on battlemaps for use on virtual tabletops (or other image editing). It can do it automatically in many cases or just click a few times. Open source.
  • FeedMail is a paid RSS-to-Email service. Mostly created because I wanted a better RSS-to-Email service but has found other users.
  • my blog

And I’m sure a few others that I have forgotten.

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a quick tool for picking a first player

I have a set of “Go First” dice for that. I’d love to see a webpage simulating those two to four dice rolls in 3D using either WebGL or wasm, but well beyond my skills to write atm.

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