I am looking for a fediverse solution for a blog and I tried it with writefreely, but it has some disadvantages I can’t live with.

The most important one is, that it should be possible to communicate with people within the fediverse. People should be able to comment on every article with a fediverse account, like it is already possible between Mastodon, Pleroma, PeerTube and others. But comments aren’t a thing with writefreely and this is sad.

After using Lemmy for a few days I just thought if it is possible to use it as a blog and ask on lemmys github if it is possible to restrict a group so only one person could post new articles, but all others can comment. And the answer is yes!

But would it be possible to use it as a blog?

Imagine I would have a group called “utopify.org - Research & Development” and would post current progress about a blog series and you can only comment on it. Would it be possible and would it be something you want to see on Lemmy or would this just be an abuse of the software.

If all of this is just a no-go, are there other ways in the fediverse to have a blog article, which can be shared on the fediverse and be commented on?


You could make an instance that is entirely blogs. Or you could make an instance that is just your blog. Or you could just make a comm on any existing instance and specifically utilise it as your blog, like people do on approved-submitter-only subreddits.

This is a really good idea. You even described what i wanted to do long ago. I wanted to create an old school forum (like bulletin board) to discuss several specific topics, but one board will be for blogs, but which are able to discuss on. It seems an own lemmy instance might be the perfect software for this.


It seems an own lemmy instance might be the perfect software for this.

Possibly, the only thing I’m not sure on is whether the community-wide restrictions are possible at an admin level in such a way that you can enforce it sitewide or whether it might require a bit of added work to get that functionality in there. You probably can just get away with it being a site rule that all comms must set themselves up that way but if you get a lot of comms this would become a lot of work to check regularly. I’m not wholly familiar with Lemmy’s admin backend so I don’t know for sure. But even if it doesn’t have it, it’s not far off.

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