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Yes, it’s needlessly incompatible. Mastodon doesn’t fully support groups either last time I checked, If you subscribe to a lemmy community you’ll get posts and comments as a single stream and no way of relating comments to posts. It was a mess a while back, don’t know if that’s sorted out.

I know that the admin of is currently working on an alternative lemmy front-end that will incorporate proper mastodon support, so I’m looking forward to see what he comes up with.

and fact that both are accesible (partially) in one place is great.

Agreed. And that we both can comment on a third party PeerTube video and interact and so on.

But I really hope the mastodon-lemmy interaction gets better, the last time I filed a bug report regarding federation, both projects said the other one had to fix it and then nothing got done 😂

Absolutely, and I think the social news aggregator style is vastly superior to the blogging style. That’s why I stopped using Mastodon (and friendica for that matter) to live in the Lemmyverse. is a Lemmy instance. 😉

Considering I find the format the single worst of the major styles, stop microblogging and do forum style. 🏟

Everyone involved is partially responsible. This goes for everything, and I feel my small part of responsibility for our state media paying for WC licences despite me being very against it.

No, it’s built on top of corruption and human rights violations. The conservative estimate is that 6,500 people have died to make the WC happen - The higher estimates say 15-20,000.

64 matches in the WC. A rough estimate including overtime is around 100 minutes average per game. 6,500/64=101.56. Average 100 minutes per match / Average deaths per match=

1.01 deaths per minute of soccer played.

It seems to me that anybody watching and enjoying the WC have some serious problems with their ethical faculties and a severe lack of empathy. It seems sociopathic to enjoy this WC.

It’s the other way around now. Instead of shared the content everywhere to gain an audience, you’d want to distribute one place and share the location. Because everyone can subscribe directly to the source.


Not only does it provide the good book, it also comes with an original soundtrack and an voice over from beginning to end. On top of that, there’s even a trivia section so you can really prove your knowledge

Good God, it even has Steam achievements.

Do you mean an accumulation of the scores, the total upvotes to posts and/or comments?

I think it’s been discussed among the devs, but they didn’t want people posting low quality content to harvest upvotes. I’m of the opposite opinion, I think a lot of high-quality posters want to look at their total scores and would like an overview of the total scores.

Wow, this looks super interesting and promising! Keep us updated!

I could see that happening. Also corporate level, investor-friendly level moderation and defederation. But it’s a way to get people on board, and introduce them to federated systems. I think companies like Vivaldi would bring a lot of legitimacy to Mastodon for mainstream users.

The biggest Norwegian Mastodon server is ran by a rather young man, out of pocket who asks for donations on Matrix. Nothing wrong with that - great instance, but I think a corporate instance would be a bit more “legit” to mainstream users.

Registering on defederated non-intranet instance just to receive news about only X company seems kinda silly tho

True, but with critical mass they could do what points to, defederate and close the system like Google and Facebook did.

their behaviour makes a bit of sense because for people who work full-time, 9 to 5, for 5 days a week, that makes up a lot of their time.

I sleep more than that. It’s still not reasonable if I want to discuss my sleep over and over. And sleep is more important to me than work has ever been.

Is it like the twitter what lemmy is to reddit?


Do posts from Mastodon get moved here like other instances of things like lemmy do to lemmygrad?

No, lemmy users can only subscribe to group content. Mastodon is individual users.

Do I now have to read the insufferable takes of twitter refugees over in mastodon?


From Alien: River of Pain, and Aliens: Newt's Tale - a timeline of events that lead to the fall of Hadley's Hope.

Do Vivaldi still track users?
Three years ago I stopped using Vivaldi because they [track individual computers]( and was planning on returning after they finished changing their system. After that I've heard nothing about phasing out the UID, no confirmations that it's actually changed. I've tried to contact them through regular business means, but they [don't have any contact info]( Seeing that I live 15 minutes away from their offices, I walked over to see if they could provide more reasonable contact information, but nobody answered.

“Stipulations of Sardo’s future contact with the horse could be determined by a judge in the near future,” the police said.