As of late, invidious has become pretty much unusable for me. All the instances either don’t work or are very slow, and as nobody knows Crystal more and more bugs keep cropping up (e.g. right now search is broken on all instances).

Are there any alternatives? I know of FreeTube but its client is Electron which is a no-go for me. I also know of youtube-dl, but I’m more interested in a website I can use to watch YouTube while proxied.

Freetube for desktop. Newpipe on android…


For whatever reason, Foxydroid (an F-droid alternative) is refusing to update Newpipe on my phone. So it’s just staying broken.

The cycle of breaking and unbreaking is frustrating at times, because Newpipe can go days if not weeks before being fixed, and I’m not sure I can trust it to keep being re-fixed forever.

Meanwhile, something like VLC, or, say, leafpad on linux - there are versions of those programs that I know will just work, more or less forever. But the whack-a-mole with google devs who seem to purposely keep breaking scrapers does not leave me optimistic.


NewPipe being broken is due to the fixed version not yet having been packaged for the official F-Droid repo.

You can add the repo from the NewPipe devs to get these updates quicker:
You’ll have to export your current NewPipe data, uninstall NewPipe, then reinstall it (check that it’s a newer version) and then re-import data.

Having said that, this NewPipe problem was actually my breaking point. Fuck YouTube. I’m finding my entertainment elsewhere.


Yeah, for whatever reason F-Droid is stuck on 0.20.1 so I had to manually download the newest version.

Thanks for the repo! That definitely helps because Newpipe is the one F-droid thing I want to update regularly.


It’s the strangest thing, but Newpipe Legacy seems to have been updated (I think it was 0.20.2 last time I checked?) while the regular version has not seen an update in months.

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