Of course given that this is posted to lemmy.ml, I’m expecting a bias towards FOSS/etc. projects like Mycroft AI or towards DIY projects over Amazon and Google microphones and insecure IoT junk, but still list those other ideas regardless as the idea itself can be useful or even replicated with other tools.

DIY and technical projects like self-hosted tools and scripts are more than welcome!

I know this topic is in a myriad of clickbait articles but I would like a different perspective on it. And remember: don’t act surprised when the haxxors own your lightbulbs!


You nailed it on the head. But as I am no great programmer, only a humble user, here’s the 9front FQA (note: http only) section discussing those aspects. The videos from adventuresin9 certainly seem to show off how easily one can leverage 9front for DIY home networking.

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