Do you wish you were homeschooled? Are you homeschooling your kids now? Do you plan to homeschool in the future?

  • @southerntofu
    102 years ago

    I think homeschooling is the wrong answer to a real problem. Most schools are broken by design, they’re conceived to teach obedience and form docile workers, not to develop personality. But homeschooling can cut you from the realities of socializing with other kids… i’ve certainly met a few individuals who were homeschooled and had trouble adapting to social life.

    But why would a school have to be that bad? Can’t we have liberatory schools where children are treated as persons not objects?

    • @pH3ra
      32 years ago

      The problem when I was a kid were other kids and that’s nothing you can solve.</br> Some kids are just bullies and “prequels of an a.hole” and while they figure out how to be a reasonable human being every other kid has to suffer.</br> And some children suffered so much that sometimes I think that homeschooling for them would be the lesser of two evils.

    • @lemtomanOP
      22 years ago

      i can see that socialization issue, im far from having kids but i think maybe what i would want to do is like part homeschooling part go to school