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When visiting (usually) poorer countries, many tend to say it feels more authentic. Why do you think that is? And could this feeling be replicated in richer countries?
I do agree that this feeling points to something true, even though it may be hard to define it. I have some half-baked thoughts but im mainly curious to hear what others are thinking of this

Why not both? I don’t think those two things are dimetrally opposed and before internet and TV people read newspapers and books (or went to bed early because no lights).

its true there were stuff to do, but certainly people are more willing to get to know their neighbours better without these distractions! in the past there was more work to do, so that stopped them, so its sad that now that we have a lot of technology to make things easier, we dont use our new time wisely but instead with distraction-based technologies

In the end people are usually just not very interested in what they see as their everyday boring surroundings.

isnt it a bad sad though? I think our surroundings get more boring exactly because people tend to rather consume more exciting realities, be it TV series or tik tok. While theyre more “exciting” than your surroundings, i dont see how they make your life more meaningful than touching grass

I think modern information technologies are destroying local communities. How can we fix this?
just to put it out there, im 100% a part of the problem. The problem being that we nowadays spend so much time caring about random shit that is so far away from us. The "global village" is destroying your local one. imagine if you had no internet, or TV, you wouldnt spend your free time staring into a wall. How much better would you know your neighbours? Somewhat tangientally, how much do you know about your locations local history, compared to what people 100 years ago knew? Personally I know so much random shit about countries all over the earth but rarely do i talk with friends and family about what happened a generation or two ago in the places ive lived. I think its very sad.

Broad topic, but what are your thoughts on globalization?
personally ive become less happy about it as time goes on my main gripes are the erosion of cultures, mainly due to the world being addicts of american media but also economic as it makes different countries too reliant on other countries, which sucks because those other governments arent elected by your country

imo, theres a big difference between acknowledging a language evolving by itself, and wanting to keep foreign influence out.

On a small scale foreign influence seems fine but the more that comes the weaker the language gets

oh yes thats what i mean. Coded in rust, loved this feature, went back to python a bit and became sad that I couldnt do the same. Feels stupid that a variable can be different types depending on the situation, and having a dataclass where just one field is relevant seems too dumb

Thinking of making a terminal app that allows me to post in multiple forums (like this one) but aggregated together as if theyre one, like RSS-feed but two ways...
Im posting it here just in case anyone wanna take this up if theres more interest. What im thinking of is making it compatible with many different forums, and you write in the app your username and password so it can log in for you, and when you browse it with a TUI-interface, on the main page youll get curated everything that you subscribe to. Which can be whole forums, individual sections of forums, or maybe also topics and usernames. Could be toggled but id prefer it ignoring all link posts... And then youll be able to also reply to these threads and comments, youd only know which forum youre in by a text at the top saying the name. Curious if theres an interest in something like this! Id like to browse more from the terminal in general personally

Would the EMPs of a nuclear war permamently destroying personal electronics be a concern for someone prepping for the worst case?
Ive been thinking about nuclear war quite a bit lately, I dont feel anxious but I do like to feel prepared. While I think the main priority should be food and water for the ensuing famine, having a laptop might be beneficial (obviously no internet though). Ive heard about bombs knocking out telecommunication, but do they also fuck up the personal electronics permamently of people who are far enough away not to be killed by the blasts?

This makes sense yeah. Im curious, does the bank rely on people having “too much” money in their bank? like more than the emergency fund? if everybody followed this advice, would the bank be in financial trouble?

A thought I had.. Banks earn a lot of money, yet its free to use. If them loaning out/investing our money is so profitable, why would we keep any of our money in a bank?
is my logic wrong here, like shouldnt any sane person then invest virtually all their money? i suppose the main counterargument is that its safer in a bank, anyway im not too knowledgeable so i wanna hear what people have to say here

That… seems very reductionistic. And also arent most american schools pretty segregated already since people tend to move to racially homogenous places already_

i can see that socialization issue, im far from having kids but i think maybe what i would want to do is like part homeschooling part go to school

Whats your thoughts on homeschooling?
Do you wish you were homeschooled? Are you homeschooling your kids now? Do you plan to homeschool in the future?

im not sure how a society could be without force though, doesnt really make sense to me, hows your view of how politics should be?

my main thoughts arent about changing the politics but rather trying to become less reliant on these power structures and encouraging others to do so. Although im not focused on politics ill try to answer your questions anyway

What do you think about private property?

With this, do you mean regarding private control over the means of production? Im in favor of workplace democratization if a company gets big enough, how that would be decided or enforced is not something ive given much thoughts to.

if you mean private property as in like owning a house or property then i support that, but i heard communists/socialists also support that but calling it “personal property”, is that right?

Do you think everyone should be forced into whatever your preferred property rights regime is ?

i mean, anything i believe should come from a governing authority is forceful by definition, I support a democratic process (not necessarily the current implementations of it) so itd have to come from the consent of the people governed.

Do you think libre software licences should force individuals to keep derivatives open source or that they should be free to use it however they see fit including in proprietary software?

I dont think open software should be mandatory, but I also think we can reach a point where all the software we need is FOSS with a mix of grassroot movement from the bottom and facilitation from the top. E.g. every government machine using linux, giving money to FOSS projects, public campaign to encourage it etc…

im not a politician so im focusing on the from the bottom part .

Do you believe that it’s ethical to force your ideals on society based on the premise that the outcome would be beneficial to all?

I mean, to some degree? It should be some agreement in the society but all societies are based on force, Im just trying to minimize it.


so anyway, your questions are kind of to the side of what im focusing on but i tried my best to answer anyway lol

Ive been looking for a place concerned with living a life under minimal influence of concentrations of power (be it state or corporations). Is this the right place?
If i go to an anarchist place its mainly related to social issues, if I go to a libertarian space itll simp for big corporations. I love the FOSS movement, but understandably they mainly focus on, well, FOSS, but I think their principles can be taken to other aspects of life too. i cant really place myself as right or left but I know I love decentralization and personal autonomy. I want to try to limit the amount of money i spend to big corporations, changing to linux, lemmyverse, peertube, mastodon.. was a good first step. Now im thinking of avoiding chain stores for food and trying to always buy produts 2nd hand. oh well, kind of an introduction, kind of a discussion point, curious to hear from people here. Hope youre having a nice day :)