Is anyone childfree?

I try to be. Children would be exhausting to parent in the current era. Humanity’s future is gloom too.


If this is your opinion, then it is only reasonable for those of us who do find value in society and humanity to ignore your opinions on how those things should work. Your statement is, in essence, a resignation from those groups.

I agree.

I spend about 10 hours a week at the gym pursuing activities that (best that I can tell what you mean by “suffering”) cause me suffering. I am better for it.

Well, that is your choice. If you genuinely enjoy those activities and believe they improve your quality of life, then I can’t say that they consist suffering for you. Suffering can only be broadly specified in general terms, but to be specified in more granular terms, it varies between people and one person’s definition of suffering may be wildly different from the next. Some people actually enjoy being professional soldiers and getting involved in violent conflicts. Others practice violent and radical sports and enjoy it. For those people, those activities do not classify as suffering. For others, they would.

And since the consequences of having children is good, at least net good, there’s not much of a choice to make.

In your opinion. Since for me they aren’t, my choice is different from yours.

At most, I simply have to avoid the sorts of abuse that would cause them to turn out like yourself and believe absurdities such as “human extinction is a goal one should pursue”.

Except, as a parent, you can’t really prevent that 100%. Perhaps not even 50%. The world takes twisted turns and your child might end up suffering such abuse at the hands of events or people you have no control over.

Because these sorts of genetic issues are exceedingly rare, and the people who have them and know they have them would have a very different attitude which you do not present.

The attitudes people have differ between people, because people’s mindsets, experiences and personalities are all different. I don’t think I’m making a radical statement here.

Moreso, I’ve spoken to such people as yourself in person before, and the “conditions” they specify would be jokeworthy except that they’re typically friends or at least acquaintances I wouldn’t want to be blunt with. “My grandparents have diabetes!” and such. WTF.

What one person sees as a joke, another might see as something quite serious. It all depends on their own viewpoints and past experiences.

For example, although I should not be giving personal examples and opening myself to comments on my own character, due to some trauma I have with having been medically abused by hospital staff as a child, I have paralyzing, crippling phobia of needles. Getting the COVID vaccine, for instance, was a major psychological ordeal for me and I only ended up getting it because of the duty to society and public health (if it was something that affected just myself, I wouldn’t have). Having diabetes would mean getting regular, if not daily, insulin shots or blood sugar tests (depending on the type of diabetes), so that would quickly devolve into a miserable, fear-driven life. Fortunately it isn’t something I have to deal with at the moment and I take as good care as I can to ensure it won’t become an issue in the future, but there are worse things, which are unavoidable, that can happen.

I live in an absurd world populated by absurd people hellbent on making certain it won’t be populated at all anymore.

I fail to see why that is absurd at all. It’s as valid a viewpoint as ever in my opinion.

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