Is anyone childfree?

I try to be. Children would be exhausting to parent in the current era. Humanity’s future is gloom too.


When did people start taking flat earth theory as more than a SNLesque comedy skit?

I’m not aware of any connection between VHEMT and flat earth theory or other types of pseudoscience. Please elaborate if you’d like. It is also not satire as far as I know, but it is quite a polarizing and extreme point of view, I’m aware (the downvotes on my comment show that too), even though I have to be clear, it isn’t advocating for any type of mass murder or violence of any kind and is merely raising awareness to an issue and combatting it strictly through personal choice.


I’m not aware of any connection between VHEMT and flat earth theory

They both started out as jokes. But the latecomers to the joke took them seriously… somehow.


Perhaps, but whereas flat earth has no rational basis for existing, this one does, in my opinion. You might not agree with me but, you know, that’s why people have different opinions.

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