Thank god I saw this. I vehemently dislike the idea of paying VPNs.

I forgot proxies existed for some reason; I used them in the past.

  • @kixik
    12 years ago

    Not quite sure they are really that useful for torrents. There have been several announcements of VPN providers asked to block torrent searchers and trackers. So I think now a days, VPN doesn’t even live up to the torrenting functionality.

    The best that can be done, I’d guess, for torrenting, is to use pseudo encryption, to prevent non sophisticated ISP snoopers detecting torrents, like for rtorrent:

    protocol.encryption.set = allow_incoming,try_outgoing,enable_retry

    Though I’d prefer:

    protocol.encryption.set = require,require_RC4,allow_incoming,try_outgoing

    But it doesn’t work, :(. I’m wondering if some more effective encryption would ever be achieved on torrents, without preventing finding seeders/leechers…

    • @ree
      12 years ago

      Change vpn service and get one with port forwarding which will increase your upload ;)