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What a shit way to live indeed.

Remind me when France forced protonmail to disclose IP addresses of climate activist (I think high school students).

Those governements are literally fighting for climate change, neoliberalism must be protected at all cost…

Such surveillance law were never passed to save the children or prevent terrorism.

If you’re using a centralised sync system keepass allow keyfiles.

I use passphrase + keyfile. And I don’t sync the keyfile only copy it manually.

Thanks. That’s exactly how i saw that device being used. Cool stuff

what’s your experience with the deck ? are you using it as a portable device or more of a couch one?

he, that sucks.

if you’re fine with a bit of french https://www.radiopanik.org/

Ho no. I had forgotten about bandcamp buy.

Unfortunatly, Spotify fit into the way most people listen to music most of the time. Like a perpetual soundtrack curated for your activities and mood (there is a great article about this but i cannot find it from my phone), replacing the radio, ubiquitous, always with you. It’s really powerful.

I don’t know what offer you have on the FM but in my city there are an university and an associative radio with awesome programs. I’ve discovered great artists and genres like that.

Let’s talk in real term and not in abstraction “industry”, “market trend”.

Netflix and spotify are two huge cultural corporations. Their products are basically complexes recommandations engines. Netflix even drive scenaristics choice with AI. An algorithm do not seek risk, novelty, surprises, it is optimized for satisfaction of the audience.

On nostalgia in culture I would recommend reading retromania by Reynolds


The music (or movie) industry keep pushing the same artist. And so, for reasons, those artists stay popular.

The whole “were in a cultural stagnation” from the article make no sense. New music is written everyday, each years see amazing artist with novel ideas and approach. But there is a whole industry that’s so risk adverse that it prefer recycling the same old shit than to innovate.

Stop watching Netflix, listening to Spotify, going to that big chain theater, ect. Experiment with small music venue, indie movies festivals, etc. It’s uncomfortable to watch a movie that doesn’t follow the mainstream canvas, sometime it suck, sometime it’s amazing!

Yhea I found some other pic and it’s hard to tell. I’m pretty sure the two machines can separate because it’s easier in term of production and logistic.

Anyway. It’s a luxurious product. It doesn’t matter.

Nah their révolution is taking the éléments you presented in your first paragraph and made it work plus marketing.

It look like two units. There is a clear separation line between the two.

Dont connect it to the internet. That’s all

An app like redreader is faster on my old phone than any browser option and doesn’t require login either. However it doesn’t proxy my browsing…

It sucks :(

Reddit is unusable on mobile if you don’t install a third party app. A thread with 6 comments will require 3 click to display the whole thing. Fuck that

At least facebook did gradually… Reddit went in a year from an open sources plateform to a full on surveillance one.

@reetoMemesit's easy

The words you’re looking for are databases and open standard. Blochains solves nothing