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Depends which network but public torrent are monitored.

I’ve installed an opensource reddit app to bypass to annoying limitations and tracking when needed. Also it load 100x faster.

Redreader, 10mo of storage. Worth it.

It’s worth it to reduce the field of possibility. But I agree nothing beat trying it out yourself and iv’e been distro hopping for several years before understanding what I wanted as a DE and os.

Boot into VM is probably not the right advice for a newbie like op

Flashing a live-USB is easy and thé same process than thé install.

live usb is barremetal and op wanted touchscreen support, not sure a VM will providd a good expérience to maje this work

The duck getting bread from the anarchist bakery down my street agrees!

Body start breaking , gotta take care of those joint, muscles and bones

The lifetime plan is such a scam. They gonna close the service in 2-3 year when it won’t be sustainable anymore.

For 350€ you can buy 2*4tb drive a low power mobo and electricity for a while.

i guess the solution is to build tech with zero knowledge of your users action and identity.

Mobilise for what?

Two statments. No sources. Who’s gonna win?

Whatsapp is XMPP based?

Delta chat implement some of those features.


Hobby, sport club that kind of things.

The thing is : most people don’t want to live in that future.

It only make sense if you benefit from surveillance capitalism.

such a dick move.

There is little incentive to publish open source code in a commercial setting comments like that validates it.

Everybody need a Dolores in their life

Gloves , a shirt and a bento box.

Offered myself new tools.

Maybe pût some dolls in the back?