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please don’t kill yourself for a thinkpad, ping me in 20 year when’ yours break and I’ll get you a new one.

It’s missing some screenshot :)


People are not even aware of alternatives.

Imo this article misses the point enterly which is : Microsoft and Apple advertise and lobby. Linux doesn’t - or at least not on the same playing field.

Yhea i’m lucky enough work at the university where fashion is dead and style don’t matter. It seems like everybody is still wearing their early 20’s clothe , which is great !

Random pick as long as I don’t need to attend specific events.

But the wardrobe itself is not random so it’s a tad unified.

Mainly: plain color tshirt, wool or cotton hoodies depending on the weather, slim jeans, sneakers. Because I commute by bike jeans is the easiest, other material wear faster and there is often spot of grease on the ankle - nobody notice that on a dark jeans. Also waterproof hiking jacket in my backpack.

Honestly it’s the clothes I’m most comfortable working in and compatible with my commute. I might drop the slim jeans and the sneakers for a regular fit and leather boots if I don’t bike.

What about you?

Thanks for answering.

First i wanted to adress that the title of this post is bullshit. The article is merely about psychologist telling other psychologist how they are relevant to understand radicalization.

You’re right about the quote it’s just explaining what left extremism is about there is a paragraph for the 3 identified category : religious, left and right.

The take home message was about the article and this ill-informed post.

Now for my opinion: I don’t think you should expect anything about a discipline which classify deviance in a big red book with statistical procedure (see DSM).

Nobody read the article and now everyone is angry and scared at the big evil psychologist.

It focuses on what’s hapenning in the US and capitol events.

“As the United States grapples with a surge of domestic extremism—including the Capitol breach on January 6—psychologists are identifying factors that are at the root of such violence, along with ways to stop it.”

And here is the full quote about anti capitalism

Studies of domestic terrorism have largely focused on three categories: far right, far left, and Islamist. START’s Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States (PIRUS), a database of 2,226 people who engaged in extremist crimes, points to some demographic differences between those groups […] Left-wing extremists include groups and individuals who oppose capitalism, support environmental or animal rights causes, or embrace communism, socialism, or anarchism (The Escalating Terrorism Problem in the United States, Center for Strategic and International Studies, 2020). Some members of the anti-fascist political protest movement Antifa have enacted violent extremist crimes, but research by psychologist Gina Scott Ligon, PhD, director of the National Counterterrorism Innovation, Technology, and Education Center (NCITE) at the University of Nebraska Omaha, shows that while Antifa-inspired individuals engaged in increasing levels of violence over the summer of 2020, it is still a decentralized movement with low levels of coordination and does not meet the criteria for an organization (Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict, Vol. 14, No. 1, 2021).

So if ou want a take home message it’s that violence define radicalization.

Radicalization of opinion can be an important precursor to meaningful social change,” said Lemieux. “The problem is when people begin to feel that using violence in service of those views is not only justified but also recognized and celebrated.”

Source : https://www.apa.org/monitor/2021/07/cover-domestic-extremists

If you’re an activist. Or if you use the internet to mobilize peoples.

See the protonmail “scandal” about the French gov asking PM to log the IPs of youth climate activist. If they use tor those data are useless.

Yhea. Steam is an easy install and it’s a non-libre repro


Haha same.

Remapping ESC+Ctrl on capslock is a beginning of answer

Maybe if you said where you live people might provider better Info.

I get a lot of stuff from my local second hand website. For computers a good plan is to get “decommissioned” ones from companies. They won’t be chrome book but dells or thinkpads that’s only 4-5 year old. I paid 230€ for a device that costed 1800€ new.

Or emacs with a décent thème.

Imo https://github.com/hlissner/doom-emacs is well polished.

there is no reason it shouldn’t work accross subnet if you open the right ports and input the IP manually for the first run. All of that is explained in op’s link.

You could probably repackages your upgraded feed into a RSS format that you serve locally. But that can be more hassle than it may worth.

Thanks for the info it encouraged me to try that sometime :)

Wow that’s quite developed.

So you consume content in a jupyter notebook? Or you’re interfacing this with a RSS reader?

From what I read the next step is to run it in a real database.

I’ve been thinking about using nlp to deal with my feeds.

Are you happy with your solution ? Can you share a bit more about your pipeline?

I had a balance problem when i increased the volume via cli but not the applet.

Also some volume issue.

But my install is 5 year old and I’m pretty sure I’m hauling some old config that break stuff down.