• krolden
    122 years ago

    When was the last time you heard of a non computer literate person installing windows?

    • @MerchantsOfMisery
      02 years ago

      The comments here are amusing. All the people who disagree with you effectively believe that anyone who has a hard time with Linux is simply unwilling to learn and that it has nothing to do with Linux.

      Linux fanboys defend the operating system from critics like a mother insisting their son is an angel who would never, ever do anything bad. "Not my Linny!"

      • @stopit
        22 years ago

        It really depends on the distro. I started with Fedora 26 back in 2017 and it was all clicking through graphical interfaces. Even to make the USB iso. As someone who was as non-techie AND older, i am always baffled at where people have difficulties.