I was in Fediverse a while before. And I felt sick for its political extremism and harassment base on political views and wars between lefts VS rights (And both of them start to centrists).

I remember I can being a transwoman and a “NAZI” in the same day on Mastodon and Pleroma, both of labels are just caused by they are unable to handle a person who is not left or right in their mind. (I had Misskey, Mastodon and Pleroma instances before.)

My political belief is individualism, and I think rejecting vaccination is personal freedom.- Can this statement get me a ban here? Well, this is my faith.

Can I forbid people upvote and downvote me in my posts? If this is the feature not developed yet, will this feature add in future? I think that makes people easier to being manipulated.

There are a lot of bannings on https://lemmy.ml/modlog how could I know who is the mod gave the bans?

I would be thankful if I can get the answers here.


One more question:

I don’t love Adolf Hitler, but what if someone setup a lemmy instance called “We love Adolf Hitler”, would the software developer start a huge drama, and block everyone who don’t block the “We love Adolf Hitler” instance? I saw such kind of drama before.


Why the questions about banning (makes it seem like a ban-evasion)? Also, why the antivax/freedom example?

I feel that this is a recognizable and common type of troll. The “just asking questions” and just “wanting to understand” troll. What they do is ask what is allowed and use that as a tone in which to elevate a range of troll subjects, like antivax, freezepeach, half-joking nazi references, to try and make those subjects more visible and more normalized.

It’s the way trolling is done as of 2022.


This person was maybe trying to find mod activity to time the raid.

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