I was in Fediverse a while before. And I felt sick for its political extremism and harassment base on political views and wars between lefts VS rights (And both of them start to centrists).

I remember I can being a transwoman and a “NAZI” in the same day on Mastodon and Pleroma, both of labels are just caused by they are unable to handle a person who is not left or right in their mind. (I had Misskey, Mastodon and Pleroma instances before.)

My political belief is individualism, and I think rejecting vaccination is personal freedom.- Can this statement get me a ban here? Well, this is my faith.

Can I forbid people upvote and downvote me in my posts? If this is the feature not developed yet, will this feature add in future? I think that makes people easier to being manipulated.

There are a lot of bannings on https://lemmy.ml/modlog how could I know who is the mod gave the bans?

I would be thankful if I can get the answers here.


One more question:

I don’t love Adolf Hitler, but what if someone setup a lemmy instance called “We love Adolf Hitler”, would the software developer start a huge drama, and block everyone who don’t block the “We love Adolf Hitler” instance? I saw such kind of drama before.


This person was maybe trying to find mod activity to time the raid.

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