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Rent, because I don’t stay in one country for very long, though would prefer owning otherwise — it’s just cheaper.

That’s a very good point but it assumes that contexts are equal which not true at all. If you compare two identical products that might work but for complex communications to imply that they can be compared on a subjective basis is a bit silly.

I don’t mean to come off as rude but it seems that you don’t have any tangible evidence that GIMP is a problematic name, right?

As for my anecdotes, just by looking at these drama threads you can see that big majority of people didn’t even know the alternative definition of gimp. The chances that someone knew the definition and stopped using the program because of it seem to be astronomically low, is it not?

Exactly, what are the chances? For example I hadn’t even heard of the word gimp as in BDSM context before this and I’m actually into BDSM.

You also have to realize big big majority of the world is not USA. For example there are 1Billion people in India and they often learn how to use GIMP in schools, just by that scale alone latex definition has no right to even compete with GIMP — the Gnu Image Manipulation Program.

they had mixed feelings. They were pretty terrible, but not the same as full fascist states. Just my experience.

I think this can be attributed to survivor’s bias. There are very few soviet critics because they were killed or immigrated and honestly the ex-soviet states had a rough time recovering.

I tend to get a tattoo! When I signed my last job that offered a lot of money I treated myself to a full, colored and detailed sleeve and it’s has been amazing!

I’m using Mastodon, Pleroma and Pixelfed straight through the web apps and never felt like switching to native apps on my phone. The only thing that’s missing are notification popups which I really don’t care about.

It’s not a reference though. GIMP stands fro Gnu Image Manipulation Program. In fact the original term is so absolutely and extremely rare that I dare you to count how many pages in on google you need to dig deep to see any bdsm related results.

People have been complaining about The GIMP name for years, and several designers and artist have been reluctant about using it

Do you have any source for this? Not that I don’t believe you but I think you are way over exaggerating this.

That’s disgusting.

Who even wears fur these days? Can you imagine being so absolutely out of touch and tacky that you trot around with a mink fur coat 😂

why can’t I downvote something I don’t agree with. I don’t always feel like commenting and debating with someone.

What’s the value in that? Do you think it helps the overall discussion? Because the argument here that down-vote does more harm than good for discussion and community’s sanity.

Maybe if you want to feel good a client-only down-vote button would be more suited for this, so you can unload a bit of frustration and not affect the network negatively.

That’s exactly how Lobsters are handling it:

  1. Useful info: upvote
  2. trolling, misleading etc.: flag with reasoning

I feel that so far this has been the best approach to content aggregator voting.

It’s quite hilarious how they try to spin lack of features as a feature. “It has no web browser support which will make you focused!” 🤣

All they had to do is add backlight and call it a day, instead they made it slightly thinner! 👏

So they updated some libs, ported some gimp contributions and icons and called it a 0.2.0 release? Ouch.

Which was never used that way on reddit. It has always been “I don’t like this” button.

Lets be honest here — it always was and will be the “dislike” button.

If you look at any controversial threads even most polite and objective comments get down voted for “not liking something they like”.

It’s a flawed concept that if anything just drive outrage and toxic fighting. Instead a lot of modern platform migrated away from down vote button that especially serves no meaningful purpose in small administered communities such as this.

Most previous Reddit alternatives have quickly turned into extremist communities.

Implying lemmy is not extremist community rofl

With posts like “Belarus protests are NATO propaganda” on the front-page we kinda joined the “reddit extremist clones” club already.

Most definitely. Lemmy is already becoming a bit of a meme whenever it pops up in other discussions like Hacker News or Reddit because of this. If mods would stay away from actually “contributing” to this instance Lemmy would have been in a much better shape right now.

It’s also becoming a bit of an echo chamber especially with “lemmy council” or whatever just being spineless yes-men noodles that had absolutely nothing of notable value done since their introduction and just brigade posts with votes…

That being said it’s kinda moot to discuss it on a dev server. Lets just chill, enjoy the popcorn and wait for the real show to start at some point!

I think it makes sense if you’re imagining a workflow where something is going from terminal type display

Not sure what you mean by that. Terminals do soft-wrapping and any human formatting should rely on soft-wrapping rather than hard-coding paragraph formatting.

No, I definitely agree with you. Markdown is a human format so readability newlines should be soft-wrapped rather than hardcoded. It should respect newline as it was intended.