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The overconfidence thing is very real. People have strong opinions about things they have no knowledge of, or things they just read about 5 minutes ago. And no matter what happens in the usa, they think everywhere else is hell on earth.

The don’t be serious thing is real…I think it’s a product of genX; don’t take anything seriously, it’s not a good look.

There is also the terrible education system, and the insularity of US society.

This is great…I wonder what the specifics for each field are? Western libs complain about fake news, China actually does something about it.

the content is incredible…I was mostly commenting on the aesthetics of it. reminds of the 90’s

jokes on them I can’t even see what that says lmao

yes…and this ruling will have ramifications for other precedents/laws, that affect workers rights, trans rights, women’s rights, etc

good content, and that website is a blast from the past as well

even on reddit, on a generic sub, I saw people discussing how fucking backwards the supreme court is. gives me a tiny smidgen of hope

where is this from?

“status through birth or wealth” ahhhh, something that absolutely doesn’t exist through in the west. Literally everything under “Asian cultural views” exists in the USA.

lol well looking back over it I get what you mean to say

oh yeah I get it. For whatever reason my brain was broken and couldn’t work out what you wrote even if it was straightforward.

GitHub Copilot and open source laundering
Posted this in another sub, but thought maybe would post here for a little more coverage

A survey of african american food history from about the 1600's to the present day

This blog by Vermaden is probably one of the most cited in the FreeBSD community when someone in a forum/subreddit asks why FreeBSD. I think it does a good job encapsulating the reasons one would choose FreeBSD over Linux or other OS's. I've become more partial to the *BSD's in the past couple of years and respect what each one brings. I do daily drive Debian tho ;)

The real motivation behind systemd
I don't agree with everything in here, but it was still worth reading. There's definitely a kernel of truth of what's written here. Unix Sheikh has lots of good articles about Linux/BSD that are worth checking out

Wasn't sure where to post this...It's payday report, from labor reporter Mike Elk. Sort of a roundup of recent news in the US labor movement. Support his work if you can spare a dime

What Linux distro/BSD/OS is everyone using?
This community seems a little, uh, inactive, so here's my shot at stirring up some discussion. Me, I'm mostly a debian user. Stable for many, many years, but have been using debian sid recently on laptops without any issue.

What sources are you all using for the war in Ukraine?
Title is basically it....what sources do you find best for keeping up with what's going on in Ukraine?