ми кен токи кепекен токи пона. mi ken toki kepeken toki pona

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I use the web site both on desktop and mobile devices

Is it readonly or you can create rar files without WinRAR?

I’m not American and I’ve never seen a dollar in my life, I probably don’t need to do anything in case the U.S.A. defaults on its debt?

Reddit has option to always open in new tab, why doesn’t lemmy just copy every feature that reddit already has?

Finally an instance for enchantment table speakers

Why doesn’t lemmy have a card view option like reddit has?

(Off topic) Brave browser shows me a warning when I open this post. The error is: Attackers on pleroma.manicphase.me may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers or credit cards).. Why does it happen? I open it on sopuli.xyz. I don’t use that pleroma instance

Why do all conlangs have ‘w’ sound, I hate it so much

I use the Boost app. I wish I could set it to work with lemmy instead of reddit

I do use Arch Linux and Android Linux

pardonu, ke tio ne funkciis; la servilo eble ne funkcios nun

The design of the site is ugly and unusable

A poem about Lemmy
``` The land of Lemmy, a vast expanse, A place for all to share their thoughts and glance At the latest memes and news from around, With communities for every topic that can be found. There's !funny for the jokes that make us laugh, !asklemmy for the questions that we want to ask, And !science for the latest discoveries to be found, Lemmy has a place for everyone on the ground. Whether you're looking for advice or want to share your own, Lemmy's the place to go where you'll never be alone. So come and join the conversation, On the land of Lemmy, where ideas take flight without hesitation. ```

they are not loading, here’s a screenshot: postimg.cc/9RLRSmVt

Images are not loading
Hello, some images on this site are not loading. Also I can't upload pics. When I open image directly there's error: `Request error: error sending request for url (http://pictrs:8080/image/process.webp?src=AjMQEWabkH.png&thumbnail=96): error trying to connect: dns error: failed to lookup address information: Try again `. Also sometimes the web pages are giving error: `404: FetchError: invalid json response body at http://lemmy:8536/api/v3/site `. What causes there errors?

Cinnamon. Only thing I miss is wayland

I used it for a while but stopped because they didn’t packaged the browser I use. Also I don’t like their init

Font size is too big
Hello, I am new to lemmy and this is my first post. I use the "Jerboa for Lemmy" app, but I don't like that the size of the text font of posts and comments is big and I don't see an option to change the size. When I click "View Source" of a comment, it shows the comment in smaller size which it better and easier to read.

I don’t want to argue with you, your arguments are absurd, and you make a lot of mistakes in Esperanto:

  • “slavikan lingvojn” -> “slavikaj lingvoj”
  • “radika vortaj” -> " radikaj vortaj"
  • “estas referas denaska nomoj”?
  • “okcidenta lingvoj” -> “okcidentaj lingvoj”
  • “okcidenta landoj” -> “okcidentaj landoj”
  • “povas nomiĝas”?
  • “interlingvan komunikadojn” -> "interlingvajn komunikadojn
  • “devus ne sekvas” -> “devus ne sekvi” (not sure about this)
  • “lingva demografio” -> “lingvan demografion”

This article is stupid. Esperanto is zonal germanic+romance+slavic constructed language. Just because there are ~1% elements in the language that differ from western languages does not make it less western language. My native language is Turkic and Esperanto seems to me unattractive and foreign, the same way a language like Kotava would seem to westerners, for example.

Jes, it’s a western lingvo and that’s its biggest flaw