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Damn, what a cool idea. I’m excited to see it.

What a great read. I’m going to send this to friends. It does a great job explaining the fediverse.

It’s ok buddy, you’ll get it working. I believe in you.

You’re right. I’ll probably have to work a while longer before I’m valuable enough for a co-op.

I would really like to work in a tech coop. I’ve been job hunting the last couple of weeks and it didn’t even strike me to look into coops. Thanks for posting this and reminding me.

I completely lucked into. I maintain web APIs in .NET and the Angular guy left. A couple pluralsight videos later and I’m a .NET and Angular guy. I don’t mind it. Right now I’m just a year into my dev career and very much in the “Just happy to be here” stage.

I do .NET and Angular development right now.

Sure. I think your hang up is that you’re being too obvious for this setting. These kinds of talking points and tactics gets a poster traction on reddit. And that normally works because you’re not actually talking to leftists, but pandering to what ever liberals might be in the thread or who ever is in on your angle. You lost the guise of “just trying to have a discussion” when you dropped the “Nazis were actually socialists” bit. No one on the right nor left believe that. That only works when there are politically/historically illiterate folks in the thread. The second you drop that line in a forum that is almost 100% socialists you expose yourself as a Steven Crowder libertarian.

Now this is a generalization but most people in their lives have experience someone just asking questions or generously curious about something they partake or believe in. A hobby, a book, some place that they have visited. And most, if not all, of those conversations look nothing like the one you are trying to have right now. So we know, and you know. And both groups are experienced enough to understand what kind of conversation we are having right now. And this is how you are being too obvious for this setting. You are still acting like “How can you know whats in my head?” question works in a setting void of liberals and politically neutral bystanders.

This right here is the most succinct outline of OP’s initial intent.

How viable is creating a progressive web app version as a work around to the play/apple store barrier?

Wow, this is great. This is the kind of primer that I was looking for.

How do you get started with activitypub?

After using Mastodon and Lemmy I got an idea for a web app that I want to make federated. I’m curious at what would be a good design path. Looking at Lemmy, it seams like you make a solid web app then make it federated. That’s the path that I’m thinking about now. I’m just wondering about design con…


Ya we’ve been making a lot of progress, and most of the important federation work is done. We just have a few security and async-related things to go.

I’m so excited for this. I can’t wait to check out the repo once it’s in production.

I like checking out new communities and instances as they pop up. I can’t remember a single one that was created under the banner of “free speech” that didn’t just turn into a gross space. I’m not saying it’s not possible. I’m just saying that in my experience “free speech” is code for far-right abuse geared to the most vulnerable people in society. If I see a community that has “free speech” as their main point, I take that as a sign to avoid it. Then a while later I hear about how some far right group is active there.

They really brought their browser around. I like what they have done.

The amount of times I have heard “It will go away after the election” is too damn high.

I would most likely make one. I like seeing how things run and have really liked the project. I really like the format. As much as I tried to get into mastodon and the others, they never really clicked for me.

Very nice write up. I’ve been trying to get into contributing to open source. This help demystify it a little bit.

They just had a little raid yesterday and shut it down. It most likely will be opened back up within a couple days.