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And isn’t there a way to sign into things with Matrix? Like OAuth? I thought I heard of that somewhere.

I found it by looking around that thread, where the OP tweeted that they had responded. I’ll try to find the exact link when I get home, but they said he wasn’t neurotypical and didn’t understand, which I don’t really believe because he didn’t say racist things on Twitter, but I also don’t have experience with that.

And I just meant that he wasn’t directly working on session, but does develop other projects

You might be interested in GNU Taler. I heard Stallman talking about it in some podcast about Monero (I think Monero Talk). He was saying it’s being designed to be private for payers, but not payees, for tax purposes.

It was a dreadful listen though. The host just wanted RMS’s stamp of approval, kept trying to get him to say he liked Monero; and Stallman is the absolute worst, most obtuse podcast guest I’ve ever listened to lol.

Seems the alt-right developer for Lokinet has been told to cut that shit out. And he’s apparently not connected to Session’s development directly. Just some possible okay news lol.

Very interesting though, hadn’t heard of that.

It’s gotten less resource-intensive within the last few years

You can install any APK using Insular after installing, and it’ll go to your “work profile” which is supported by most launchers. I’m using Lawnchair v2, and work apps have their own tab in the app drawer.

You can also clone apps to the work profile by just going to the app and searching through installed apps

Oh no he’s not based

3um ano

Nah I want the Scooby-Doo burgers

Go take a breather


I wouldn’t. I don’t know if it’s “unsafe,” but it doesn’t look worthwhile. A crypto without a decentralized blockchain that’s worth zero dollars, and it seems to be closed source? The FAQ says the wallet is linked to your phone number/Facebook?

I’m feeling sick just reading about it lol. It has none of the good qualities of crypto and all the bad qualities of social media.

Here’s a good write-up I’ve found: https://research.aimultiple.com/is-pi-network-safe/

That instruction is assuming you ran the previous command in your home directory, which assumes that you put the downloaded file in your home directory as well.

So you should make sure that the dot file you downloaded is placed in your home directory before running those commands.

If you do that, you should make sure that you have a dot/ folder in your home directory before trying the second command.

I might be wrong, but I last time I checked, you could only navigate Lutris with a mouse. It’d be nice to be able to use it like Steam’s Big Picture library.

That’s real nice. I wish they’d add controller support as well.

Jeez, that statement on federated services is pretty disappointing. Wasn’t Matrix already going around the time of that conversation?

Never played it, but I always think it’s sad when a mobile game is just shut down. As soon as the money stops coming in, we can’t play it anymore. At least leave us abandonware!

You can do that, but like the other users said, you should be wary of obscure packages because the AUR can be used to spread malware. You can check what the script does to make sure.

And I’d be surprised if you need WineGUI for that, but maybe it’s specifically necessary for how they want to use it. You could also just install WINE and use it to run the program; it will open the program’s GUI.

Seems like they’ve been banned. Their Twitter for banned too.

Hmm, then it sort of depends on the project. And I mean the AUR might already have it compiled for you or in an easier form for Arch users. But if you are using Debian and your your question was “will this compile the same way on Arch and Debian” then the answer is simply yes!

What project are you trying to compile?

Yes, this is building from source. You extract it and build it with whatever instructions come with it; there should be documentation from the git page or possibly in the tar.

You choose where to put it, but most distros have general spots they put it. You can also use the AUR if you use Arch by using pikaur or yay

Oh yeah, I could get the entire roster of Super Tux Kart on these shoulders!

I’m completely uneducated on this; is this good because kids should have more free time?

Christ, it’s like they’re trying to sound menacing!

That’s absolutely incredible.

I’ve got a mid-to-beefy desktop PC for when I’m at home; the laptop is just for on-the-go, and I’ve got a sort of big frame, so I look silly with a little laptop. On top of that, where will all my Linux stickers go?

I wish they had a 17 inch laptop. I’d buy that immediately.

That’s really nice. I use Big Picture a lot, and it can be a little janky at times, visually and functionally. I hope we don’t lose any functionality with a redesign.