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I sync my database with syncthing and use KeePassXC on desktop and KeePassDX on android.

That’s what I use. Didn’t know it was a leftist thing, though.

What indeed. What is that interface?

It’ll be better when more people are up voting and down voting comments. Currently the hot sorting just mostly shows new posts with few or no comments or votes.

Same for me. I don’t worry about anyone listening in or knowing where I go (until I do).

What I worry about is the systematic data collection and aggregation that is happening at an unfathomable scale, and what that will end up doing to global society. The amount of data is staggering. The big corporations have the ability to model and predict societal and individual trends to an unacceptable degree.

I’m not comfortable with Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple controlling the global political landscape. I will have no part in it. That’s why I care about privacy. That’s why I use decentralised platforms and partly why I use Free Software.

Sorry for late response. I’ve been deep into my work, ignoring all else, hehe…

I’m using a dev cheat that just gives a wind boost and I think something like that would be great to have as a glider skill down the line.

I know nothing about airships, but they would be rather trivial to add in the code, I think. They just operate on pressure differences. First we’ll need to add actual wind and weather, though. Aside from that, their art is probably the bigger undertaking :)

Apparently I’m featured in there! (I’m implementing the glider physics.) I’m not privy to what is discussed on their discord (because I don’t use it), so these updates are as new to me as anyone.

There is the Mobile NixOS project, but I don’t think it’s ready for daily use yet.

Wind may be implemented at some point, but for now the wind is set to a constant 0 velocity, so the only air flow is from your own movement. I agree that it would add a lot to the experience!

It’s not exactly a flight sim, but I’m working on implementing Newtonian glider physics :)

Pressure from the right has resulted in a lot of compromises and our social democratic party has become more or less centrist. Sweden has been a neo-liberal country for a while now.

I’m disabled, and the lack of support and resources has me living entirely dependent on my partner. No social or economical assistance whatsoever because of how hard they try to find any details they can use to disqualify you.

The only other country I know would be a rather good fit for me would be Austria. Not because of its politics but because I enjoy the landscapes and the language.

I don’t know enough about countries more politically in line with my views. They’re always sabotaged by foreign powers so it would probably be less comfortable than where I am now (Sweden).

Edit: I might be rather content in Scotland if they were to ever regain independence. The UK gives the impression of being one step ahead of Sweden in the dismantling of their welfare state, so unfortunately I wouldn’t consider that an option right now. Aside from that, I do like the landscapes and accents of northern England.

No, only those it’s better than, such as the C languages.

Check your autostart. Unless you mean starts playing, in which case I don’t know. Maybe you accidentally hit a keyboard media button?

How do they even know any of this? I thought the only way we knew about dark matter is because it “has to” exist for the structure of galaxies and clusters to act the way they are. Now these are some detailed observations.

Some links in the sidebar?

I was happily surprised to see this community already existed (and for a long time too!) as I tried to create one. Anyway, I filled in all the fields and figured I would share some extra links I would put in the side bar. …

Thanks, I should have reported it!

Having only recently begun learning (<1 year) and unable to afford lessons, this channel has been very helpful for me…