We’re holding a party to celebrate the release of pre-alpha version 0.9.

Since the game is continuously kept up to date with current master, the update itself won’t bring anything new that isn’t already available right now. However, lots of new features and fixes have been added since 0.8. Check out the weekly updates on the website for more info on what’s been happening lately!


Join us in-game and/or on Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#veloren:matrix.org

If you would rather use Discord you can find the link on the website.


Some highlights of what’s new since 0.8:

Visual upgrades:

  • Glow and reflection effects
  • Snow particles

Additional Landscape features:

  • Giant tree sites
  • Cliffs
  • Procedural trees (limited to oaks and pines for now)

Trading and interactions:

  • Trading merchants
  • NPC interactions
  • Player-player and player-NPC trading via a new trading interface
  • Talk animation


  • Birds flying throughout the world
  • Flyable airships
  • New skill tree system which replaces the old levelling system
  • Poise mechanics for melee combat
  • Economic simulation improvements
  • Lots of other little changes and additions (more weapons, skills, animals, dungeon enemies and more)

Veloren is a community-developed multiplayer voxel RPG written in Rust. It takes inspiration from Cube World, Legend of Zelda, and Dwarf Fortress.

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