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Lot of people were waiting for this to be done. What do you think?..

It’s cool when we’re talking about sharing music, but tell me please - it’s also your tactic in sexual relations?

Windows 10

Yeah, it’s W10, don’t blame me. …

Windows 10

Yup, thanks.

I’m not a specialist on that topic (as I said) but just few things:

  • Did you ever tried LSD? Because if you never had this experience it would be clear why you’re comparing it to weed. I don’t think it should be compared to anything. Ah, and we’re talking about 10 micrograms twice a week for three months.
  • About alcohol - I know what you’re talking about, but also think that it cannot be compared - LSD is not influenting the same parts of brain, it’s completely different architecture. But of course I think that our body can generate tolerance for everything - and maybe microdosing is just about generate the tolerance in some way. But I can imagine that making tolerance for LSD you would need to take it every day - and we’re talking here about ten micrograms just twice a week. And it’s not about to feel effect - it’s about long term process.

“One of the Biggest Dangers of Microdosing is Accidentally Macrodosing”

Check out this article from The Cut

Okay, firstly - hello!..