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What really sucks is they locked down /data/data/ no more changing databases for getting unlimited money in games. :(

Denis Rodman goes: Media attention for months
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I hate how this world works sometimes.

For me it’s more and more everyday sadly.I try to see the good, but… damn.
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I am the same way. I will be right in the middle of something and just be like…

mehh, fuck it


CODm 2022 World Championships!
As of now, it's only in the solo play round. team play starts May 12. I will create a post for the live streams when they start!

Bro…the guy standing near his car pissed me off to no end. How fucking stupid can you be. If you were driving like that and it happened to you, are you really that shallow to think the 30 people behind you won’t be doing the same? Just…why?!

The ending! :')