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Weird that they did just recently, considering some old and common tags on the platform…

I don’t know about notabug, but I don’t think that saidit is in line with this instance’s Code of Conduct.

You have to boil it to drink it…

I tried it looong time ago, it was cool and it had its launcher.

Probably it is better to move that repo to another place.

I think we all know we can’t trust Google to be decent. Antifa Google? I wish…

Yes, that’s what it means.

They forgot to change the version number on Plume itself, but there are changes.

Automedication of anti depressants can be very dangerous

You can upload a blank image meanwhile.

Probably lemmy.ml is fine, that can help to save some money.

Mastodon instances link to joinmastodon.org, and the last one has a Youtube video linked on its main page (in how it works). I hope you understand better now ^^

I’m not sure what are you trying to say? Are you annoyed about centralization? (understandable) About that, mastodon.social closed registrations and Gargron made another instance mastodon.online that he also admins. Lo mismo pero no igual.

However, Gargron was never a Free Software guy, probably chose that license because it was convenient. So probably @resynth1943 's and Gargron priorities are pretty different.

He’s the leader of the project, so he has the last word at the end. If you think a project with different priorities is going to mirror yours because you made a new issue, you are going to be dissapointed.

To be honest, I don’t really trust Peertube, considering its bad moderation (see https://lemmy.ml/post/32526 ) but as I said before Youtube could be easily replaced with a hosted video in joinmastodon. No youtube needed.

He recieves $6,051 USD per month, he is going to be fine haha

This. That video could be hosted in joinmastodon itself. No problems.

lemmy.ml doesn’t have federation enabled, so no. Federation works via activitypub

Is there a Lemmy instance in Spanish?

I’m looking for an instance that speaks Spanish. Do you know one?..

"Lemebel", documental de Pedro Lemebel disponible gratis.

Escritor, artista visual y pionero del movimiento queer en Latinoamérica, Pedro Lemebel sacudió la conservadora sociedad de Chile durante la dictadura de Augusto…

Una página web donde hay arte del perrito Negro Matapacos, inspirados en la revolución social en Chile que empezó en octubre 2019…