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Al menos, mucha gente no podría ir a votar de otra manera.

Yo sugiero “Instancia multitemática en español con un enfoque constructivo y solidario.” @cricri@lemmy.ml

Alowlist estaba comentado, pero cambiaremos al modo alowlist y comentaremos blocklist

@skrlet13toLemmy instancesNew instance

Hola, yo ayudé a montar la instancia y habíamos puesto Gab en la blocklist, usando el modo blocklist, me extraña que aparezca listado en instancias.

Ahora veo y creo que no debería aparecer como hipervínculo… Pero si aparece como instancia bloqueada.

no, it shows in your profile and in your followers’ home feed. non-followers can see unlisted posts if they go to your profile.

Mastodon has rss for profiles, add. rss at the end

you could put donations links for those contributors who would like that. Maybe you can’t pay them, but someone else could.

non binary equivalent for boy or girl

Sorry, sometimes acronyms are hard to find correctly and wanted to be sure.

However, I don’t think we should stop educational stuff from existing (it could have a age restriction for example) because it is important to be able to recognize Nazi stuff.

Yes, they should be restricted, we don’t want to make such things appealing to an audience

Ow, disappointed but not surprised, they want us to use their official apps/webs

Weird that they did just recently, considering some old and common tags on the platform…

I don’t know about notabug, but I don’t think that saidit is in line with this instance’s Code of Conduct.

You have to boil it to drink it…

I tried it looong time ago, it was cool and it had its launcher.

Probably it is better to move that repo to another place.

I think we all know we can’t trust Google to be decent. Antifa Google? I wish…

Is there a Lemmy instance in Spanish?

I’m looking for an instance that speaks Spanish. Do you know one?..

"Lemebel", documental de Pedro Lemebel disponible gratis.

Escritor, artista visual y pionero del movimiento queer en Latinoamérica, Pedro Lemebel sacudió la conservadora sociedad de Chile durante la dictadura de Augusto…

Una página web donde hay arte del perrito Negro Matapacos, inspirados en la revolución social en Chile que empezó en octubre 2019…

Descuentos Rata

Página de ofertas chilena…