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Those videos are produced by a Berlin based startup as marketing material for their product: an enterprise IT job platform.

I think that shows… very “rockstar”-mentality, frontend-heavy, “It’s my passion to code in XYZ”, …

Seriously, haven’t used FTP in years.

Is there any use case for it now that could not be handled via HTTP(S) or WebDAV?

I appreciate feedback and constructive dialog

Then don’t write your opinion piece in a tone that accuses any one disagreeing of being an enemy, bad faith actor, lynch mob, … Because that’s how it sounds to me.

Pedophilia and child abuse defender?



You know, I agree that he said dumb things, didn’t mean them. He apologized and/or clarified. Good for him!

But I am extremely irritated that he gets a free pass on this time after time. He fails to communicate his “showings of ineptitude” to not be (accidentally) hateful and hurting. We progressive leftists inside the free software movement would NEVER EVER be that lenient towards someone without the clout, history and power RMS has (or - gasp - uses proprietary software). Your take of RMS (and you!) being the helpless powerless victim, canceled by an unnamed, uninformed, ill-guided and conspirative mob is exactly the take conservatives and fascists use when they are called out for their behavior.

I (and most people not okay with Stallman being a representative) do not wish to unacknowledge his tremendous work creating the free software movement, prevent him from contributing, voicing his personal opinions or anything like. I just want to not have him in a position of being a role model and representative for Free Software. Because he has shown that - while technically brilliant - voices problematic or at least not well expressed standpoints that are taken as position of FSF or the general Free Software movement because of his position of power he holds in it.


I can’t really agree with you here.

“Pro-Choice” means that it is the decision of the mother to abort the pregnancy at an early point to prevent giving birth to a child she can’t/won’t raise - could be because of a diagnosed disability or not.

There is also a term used when this decision is made by other people or institutions because of some higher perceived values of worthiness or empathy: euthanasia.

This again is at best a take RMS had without ill intentions but uttered in a convoluted way open to interpretation.

The last Free Software total devotee

The collapse of the Free Software movement

What needs to change

I have a problem with the FSF being the pinnacle of free software, the standard bearer, the one voice of the free software movement.

Your idolization and apologetic defense of RMS paints Free Software more of a cult than a movement. If we are dependent on one organization, lead by one leader, irreplaceable, uncritiqueable, driven only by perceived meritocracy, then this isn’t a healthy movement, just a bunch of very technically talented libertarian people coding software for “muh freedom”. But if we want to have any meaningful impact we need to create a movement aiming not only for freedom for those in power & authority but also the people using the software in a world full of digital surveillance and vanishing privacy!

My solution to this: Decentralize the FSF! There should not be one voice, but many voices organically representing the spirit of free software!

Well, after reading your post again I hope you at least read and consider my points. The accusatory tone, judgmental terms and construction of “us vs. them” does not reflect your wish for constructive feedback at all.

EDIT: Off Topic, would you mind sharing a bit info or resources about gemini?

I can’t agree.

It’s not tree-based vs graph-based. Even folders as organization structures can mimic graph-structure via shortcuts since Windows 95 (and symlinks on Unix exist since forever I suppose).

The culprit in most commercial company project is the effort & willingness to allot time for organizing and maintaining information hierarchy.

And let’s be honest: What’s the main workflow for retrieving information from Arch Wiki or Wikipedia? Searching! The last resort in every company wiki which organizational structure (tree) isn’t suitable for information lookup.

If that is not argument enough to ditch Confluence for Media Wiki then frankly I don’t know what is.

Confluence is also just the graph approach with a mandatory Table of Contents. And Media Wiki is really not a good example for a barrier-free and intuitive documentation platform.

Do start using a graph-based system for documentation. It scales easily and engineers will naturally contribute.

…and without someone doing the organizational work needed for both approaches, the documentation will be an unorganized mess of various styles, depth & quality.

Didn’t it go down yesterday because of a fire in Strasbourg, France?

Having only programming background, it is impossible to develop software in some areas.

I’d say except for software development tooling itself you’ll never develop anything useful if you don’t have or acquire at least a basic understanding and knowledge in the domain of your software, whether it is music scoring, aerospace engineering or photo manipulation.

That is why developers sometimes save on code quality.

I thin the examples in the article are mostly oversights or the result of inexperience and inadequate code quality assurance, not because of the domain knowledge needed. Those errors are also present in life-critical software, but will be discovered before coming close to anything like a release because of rigid automatic quality metrics like the static code analysis done in this article.

What a great “intro” like song with the 2 minute build up to the synth bass line. Love it!

OK, makes sense. I don’t envy you keeping track of all those edge cases…

Thanks for working on Lemmy and taking time to answer questions!

Edit: to answer your specific quesion, no there is no chaining, it is an all-connects-to-all type of network (with the allow-list as the limiting factor). Other Fediverse (ActivityPub) software operates similarly, except that you can subscribe to any other instance (Unless on the block-list) and then that instance gets added to the instance wide allow-list of your instance automatically.

Thanks for calrifying this! now I understand :)

What I haven’t understood and found an answer yet: Are Lemmy instance federation transitive, i.e. A follows C through B? Or are federations only exactly affecting the 2 involved parties?

This was my first WiFi Router. Got it really cheap back when fon.com was a small community driven startup for WiFi sharing.

Never had the need for WiFi or multiple internet devices at home before but wanted to have free wifi on the go when mobile data was luxury.

Then I discovered dd-wrt and was just amazed how the network technology I use is implemented in software. Still loving to tinker and deploy infrastructure today!

Thank you old friend :)

Ich mag den Kanal von Linke Sau. Kommt glaube ich nichts neues mehr.

Ansonsten bin ich letztens über LeftFAQ gestolpert. Da sind noch nicht viele Videos, aber ich finde das Format sehr cool und Einsteiger*innenfreundlich.

Was ich noch nicht gefunden habe, aber auch nicht wirklich vermisse, sind deutschsprachige YouTuber*innen, die das ganze so als VLog aufziehen.

AFAIK federation is still in alpha stage.

See test instances for demo: