Mozilla announced today that Mozilla’s Firefox web browser won’t support the FTP protocol from Firefox 90 onward.


FTP is by default not encrypted and therefore a security risk. Better to use SFTP via ssh, or FTP with SSL. And people can opt to use FileZilla or other FTP client software.

Rather than disabling FTP, they should put it behind the same user made exception that HTTP needs now. This way, the legacy support can remain there with plenty scare for the average user.

But then this is the same Firefox run by a bunch of PR and HR hijackers that cut off the Servo team and other developers and silence users regularly on the bug tickets and on r/firefox (I got handed a 6 month ban for Cloudflare DNS criticism by nextbern).


That seems a sensible choice, too bad they opted to deprecate it entirely…


If I may ask, how does the browser team “cut off” other teams?

Curious as I don’t know about any of this. 😅


The team is not just a “browser team”. These decisions are taken by CEO Baker and crew, who want to play virtue signalling politics and creating extensions like b!tch-to-boss (yes there is ! instead of I in the name) instead of focusing on development and valuable projects like Servo.

Of course they also raised pay for themselves and cut off developers in the process. Many old Firefox stans feel this is a similar case as Nokia got infiltrated and destroyed.


Seriously, haven’t used FTP in years.

Is there any use case for it now that could not be handled via HTTP(S) or WebDAV?

It is much more lightweight and easier and quicker to set-up.


If you need a quick and easy setup, lighttpd will let you serve an HTTP directory listing within 10 minutes. And probably more safely than FTP. With an additional 10 minutes, you can setup certbot to handle certificate rotation.


I used it in the past to quickly grab the Adobe Flash player and Adobe Acrobat Reader installers.


It is very used in local companies here in the Canary Islands (medium and big ones included) for things as important as backups.


But backup on Firefox??? I usually use ftp with my NAS but never on Firefox.

I’m thinking about some Linux distribution images that are still served over ftp and are usually downloaded from a web browser, but there are alternatives over http even torrent.


No, I thought on general FTP use not the support in Firefox itself.

In web browsers, some companies provide repositories to download specific custom software from windows there and people use the web browser.

The same to check the content of backups after being made by the external process and download content.


They cut off the Servo, Rust and MDN teams. Now any excuse is valid for them, whether it is substantiated or not. Maybe tomorrow they remove the support for linux/unix systems because is fine 😥


Well that’s worrying.


Last year Google re-enabled FTP support due to covid-19 pandemic. Google plans to deprecate and remove FTP support still.

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