An important peertube instance we are missing

I think peertube should be the video platform to go when researching digital freedom. In particular videos about libre software, creative commons, walled gardens, state surveillance, corporate surveillance, tech empires, decentralization, federation, piracy, user activism, privacy, piracy, DRM, right to repair and so on.

Therefore I suggest creating an instance exclusively for content around digital issues and user independence. The vision is strong and can unite a lot of people by itself. It will be easy to understand how to manage terms of use and it’s execution. The administration should strive for transparency.

If there is disagreement about the vision of the pod, we can encourage creating a competing pod. This will create more attention for peertube and create nuances in our discussions.

If we can successfully create such a community, it will demonstrate peertube’s potential. This can convince others to setting up instances on our own or join an instance.


So, what hinders you?


Financial cost, inexperience in hosting, time investment. Also I’m really bad at setting up these kinds of things. I always fail at it. Not saying I wont try, but I’m probably not going to be successful at it.


There are people with ideas, people with relevant skills, and people with time/energy/money to make things happen.

They are usually not the same people.

I often make proposals like this, and people say “that’s a great idea - go do it yourself” and it dies there on the spot.

Is there any way to match these people up, to make these new projects happen?

Maybe we could start a gofundme type thing. Just within the tiny Lemmy membership. We all vote on one important project only. We elect the people we need:

  • people with technical skills to do the work
  • people with money to do the funding
  • people with ideas to guide the project

On second thoughts the above isn’t a great plan. Got anything better?


Running a Peertube instance isnt that hard, there are some services which will give you a managed instance. So you dont have to care about any of the tech. Then its mostly about writing the rules, doing moderation and promoting it.


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