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What is there to think? Violence is something that an immature child or medically unstable person resorts to.

Pictures of whatever it may be, should not be taken offensively.

Considering that there actually nothing wrong with what communism is, it’s silly to use political parties as derogatory terms.

However, it does show lack of intelligence when you reserve to name calling as if they were still children.


Owning gives you freedom to do whatever you want with it, provides a more stable expense and in the long run is probably more financially responsible.

Considering marriages are done through blockchain in some states, it clearly shows that something like mail in voting could also be achieved this way.

In some ways marriage is a more critical issue, since you could easily lose over half of your net worth from which you just might not recover.

Voting is a serious issue, but you’re not going to lose half of your belongings if it somehow was 100% fraudulent.

Accounts do not show any sign-ins except WhatsApp/Telegram

What’s the reason for this mention?

WhatsApp is a Facebook owned messenger and Telegram has been questioned previously for its privacy due to originating in Russia.

Wow, thank you for letting me know about MetaFilter. I never heard of it and it looks like an amazing place.

I’m aware of other websites, Reddit more so than others, I am trying to find a more privacy oriented community so I saw someone mention lemmy, which seems great. Voting just seems less of a privacy oriented content and is a potential for manipulated posts, like advertising.

One thing that I do enjoy about lemmy and reddit which seems to be absent in metafilter are groups/communities on a particular topic.

I think pay to use is a fantastic model to be mostly used in order to have stricter content posting and less nonsense gibberish, and they do seem to have a way for someone who can not afford to join as well.

May be there is a way to make voting work without being manipulated, I’m just not seeing how it can be yet.

I’m not familiar with social link aggregation, but if it is just link aggregation, I’m not sure voting is important in that regard.

Voting adds extra categories like hot and top, but I’m not sure why we need those at all.

Time is all that we really need.

What if voting was removed entirely?

Who are you planning to be the provider?

Technically they can be secure if the provider respects privacy and you somehow route it through VPN. You’ll probably experience call quality issues and will be missing some features like blocking calls though.

In the end, you’ll only be as secure as the party on the other end is.

How does this differ from what Binance has?

Binance just has you move a shape to a specific location on the image.

Is it less secure than Google’s Captcha?

Who would have thought that poop could reach such age…