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allora c’è qualche errore, tipo searx nel jpg vedo usa sia google che bing. invece nella grafica dinamica hanno messo solo google. il migliore sembrerebbe etools.ch… dato che ingloba tutti i crawler e teoricamente quindi ha piu risultati mixati totali. (edit: lo sto provando da pochi minuti e mi sembra ottimo. ha tante belle opzioni e selezioni di fonti, domini, keyword. mi sa ho trovato cio che desideravo…)

bizzarro anche vedere che nella dinamica …il PIANETA bing sembra enorme perche serve tanti metamotori poi nel jpg si vede il market share che è infinitesimale rispetto a google eheheh.

non uso tale motore ma a naso non mi piace il fatto che chi faccia un browser faccia anche il motore di ricerca. sembra la storia di google ripetersi.

paura che elon possa centralizzare ancora di piu la piattaforma o fare dei ban e censure selvagge?

{"error":"too_many_requests"} if i send to many pictures?
when i do a post, and try to send more than 3/4 pictures i get this error. the only way to fix it is wait some minutes, edit the post and upload more images , just 1 or 2 more, before i get the same error {"error":"too_many_requests"} is it lemmy.ml instance LIMIT by admin?

it's my little project about using a Sonoff RE5V1C. all explained in pictures i hope you like it HERE ---> [video link ](https://youtu.be/heDYmTMXMuA) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/e2cb29f3-f713-42b8-b17c-31196acd1e31.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/ae8a0670-5848-4923-8c1e-33c6b0a3cc2a.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/9859b161-8998-4036-8d76-f7a2de23d527.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/68ebc4cc-4d1e-4f05-ab3a-60adc3de7978.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/03f8f05a-ea0e-4d5b-a88a-7ae048e1c38f.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/16495d0c-9f02-4c5c-a3d6-d487c6185f19.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/fae383a5-6386-44d9-9010-8467244305dd.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/714161a0-059c-47a0-9d20-10d52e892533.png)

BAFOVY line-up comparison review
Hi to all, today i wanna make a comprehensive review of all the actual line-up of an emergent brand in the word of the oral care called BAFOVY. But who is what? It’s a chinese brand i found during my extensive research for a new electric toothbrush on amazon (i am from italy). But there are differences between a general “electric” toothbrush and a “sonic” toothbrush, the first one generally uses a round head that oscillates about 3000 to7000 times per minute and could be a little rough on your gum, whilst the sonic one at first sight has the same old head design with “oval” or rectangle appearance, but this time the cleaning method is more gentle thanks to the fact that vibrates (not rotate) the head with higher number of VPM (vibrations per minute) ranging from a minimum of 20000/25000 to about 50000/60000 on most powerful models. Main motivation for this advantage, is the fluid dynamics, which agitates the fluids in the mouth (water, saliva, and toothpaste), effectively turning them into cleaning agents that reach into crevices that the brush can’t access, but if you need more info about differences about sonic and electric, a simple google search will definitely be more exaustive than my simple explanation :) Returning to us… what made me choose this company instead of other well known brands like philips and oral-b? To be honest originally just wanted to save some money but then i realized that to reach a good quality (and higher VPM) with these famous brands i needed to spend x2 or x3 and i asked myself: am i paying for the quality or the brand name? So i decided to buy something that’s not only cheap but also good looking and coming from a brand thad DOES ONLY THIS….and not a chinese company that rebrands everything from bluetooth earphones, powerbanks, low quality smart bands and so on, you know what i mean!! First model i bought has been the BT-ET01, it was also the only one listed on their official site bafovy.com and their first come to the market, then they released a low end model BF-ET03 and the high end BF-ET02, that i wanted to order to test and then gift to my parents Let’s start with the comparison: PACKAGING As seen from the pictures, ET01 model uses a different opening approach (from the top), it’s a bit easier to open but the pack is a little bigger than the other two. But i think they simply tried to optimize the space, in fact in ET03 and ET02 everything is sub packaged, i mean the toothbrush, the heads, the charging base. DESIGN Speaking about the design of a toothbrush might sound silly but i really appreciated the ET01 design that i could say it’s minimal and “apple style”. Surely above the competition!! The water drop design used among the replaceable head and the main body reduces the groth of hidden toothpaste or molds, because as showed by pictures is unlikely to don’t see if that point is dirty. It’s a pity that they changed this winning desigh in the ET02 and ET03 models, even if from my testings the flared stem makes it equally difficult to catch toothpaste leftover, it would simply fade off BEFORE to reach the gap between the main body and the stem. In terms of buttons, ET01 model is a bit more difficult to press, because it’s aligned with the body ...surely better looking but ET02 and ET03 models are easier to press because the button is a “real” button that’s pressed down, no rubber around like ET01. There is no winner here, if you want better design just pay in terms of usability. Not su much be clear, but there’s a difference to the touch. All 3 models comes with different colors you can choose BATTERY LIFE ET01 model utilize 800mAh lithium battery rated for 35 days of use ET03 model utilize 500mAh lithium battery rated for 45 days of use, but in the next batches they are going to use 800mAh which should last 60 days ET02 model utilize 2200mAh lithium battery rated for 6 months of use *normal use = 2 minutes per usage , 2 times per day CHARGING METHOD This is like the design, it comes at your preference!! no real winner, just different stylistic choices. I personally prefer the magnetic wireless charging of the ET01 model because i can attach it to the bathroom wall (more organized to me), without having a base on the surface of the sink. But still others might prefer the easiness to just put the magnetic charger on a flat surface, it’s surely better if you are a traveler or need to bring the charger with yourself (even if with such long battery life it’s not needed imho, it will last more than your typical holiday time!) CLEANING MODES and VPM ET01 uses 31000 vibration in gum care mode, 38000 in clean mode (the program you generally use more) and a whopping 48000 in white mode! Gum care is optimal when you first use this toothbrush, because it’s something really new to your mouth. Then after a few days is’s ok to use regular clean mode, and just when it’s needed a powerful creaning the white mode is something that completely change the way you feel your mouth! It vibrates so much that the paste makes lots of bubbles, and these bubbles are THE reason why sonic toothbrushes are the future of the oral cleaning. This vibration produces a sweeping motion to remove plaque and create microbubbles that can get deeper in between the teeth than other electric rotating brushes does this also apply for the other 2 models? Of course. But technically the ET03 model should have a max of 38000 VPM, but in reality it’s hard to find this limiting, of course the ET02 is the strongest one among the other 2 with 50400 VPM and the only one to have a pressure sensor which warns you if the pressure on your teeth is too much. Speaking of number or modes, ET01 as said only have 3 modes (could be a pro for those who prefer less options) while the other 2 models have 5 personalized modes, each mode well explained into the user manual that contains a lot of information, really about ANYTHING!! One useful function is anti splash whith on ET01 and 02 vibrates slowly for the first 3 seconds, this allows you to don’t spash the toothpaste everythere and gives you the time to put the head in the mouth before the “real” mode applies. Is the ET02 defective at first use without attaching any head? NO! Ehehe when i turned on the ET02 model i clicked the button to switch among modes but what? Nothing happened, it vibrated withoud to change any VPM. I said hey!! received a defective unit? No…. It’s a FEATURE! Basically this model having a pressure sensor, you turn on and it vibrates ok…. BUT only when you put in the mouth the head and apply at least 40g of force (it’s written in the manual) then the toothbrush will enter in the selected brushing mode. BEHIND THE SCENES Maybe no one knows that the ET03 model sales right in china is owned by PANASONIC. This is because it is designed by Luo Yonghao, the founder of CHUIZI cellphone. The manufacturer owns the copyright and authorized Panasonic to sell in China, and BAFOVY overseas. Jusk remember that all toothbrushes are manufactured by FDA-registered manufacturer so in terms of quality here in europe it fulfills every quality assurance. ET01 pros - best overall design, innovative and unique - up to 48000 VPM (so near the ET02) - the only one wall mountable model - included 6 heads and toray heads (2) are wonderful for sensitive gums - water drop design cons - battery life 35 days - power button a little harder to find (but because it’s a design choice) - 3 cleaning modes ET02 pros - the most powerful one with 50400 VPM - comes with pressure sensor to save gum - immense battery life 6 months - each bristle is made of three nylon string that is why it is soft and elastic cons - only 4 heads (because cost of ET02 bristles are twice as the ET03) - 5 cleaning modes ET03 pros - cheapest one but still powerfull cleaning - still good design and quality (if panasonic sells it….) - comes with 6 heads with same design - battery life is 45 days BUT will be improved to 60 in next batches - 5 cleaning modes cons - less max VPM even if in real life it’s impossible to really notice it - head bristles are a little too much hard to me. It’s very subjective afterall. In fact someone coming from a “regular” rotating electric toothbrush could still find these bristles soft and not harsh on gum. But IF you know you NEED soft bristles i would switch to ET01 or ET02 VERDICT To produce the best possible comparison and a inclusive review as you can imagine i directly contacted bafovy to get some updates, technical infos and behind the scenes, but even so i can assure the review is unbiased and based on my REAL life usage, i needed to take my time and use all the lineup to see real differences among all models. At the time of writing this review there are no others published reviews that compare the FULL LINE-UP of bafovy. I am not a professional reviewer, just a normal buyer that wanted to know more about the toothbrush world, i started to compare brands searching on the web, amazon etc about a good toothbrush with good price/quality ratio because i didn’t want to give my money to the “same old” companies like philips and oral-b because there are so much innovative brands that are giving to the market some good alternatives and even if there could be many other chinese brands, in my opinion Bafovy is one of the new emerging one. Maybe i could have found cheaper brands on aliexpress BUT althought i love to save money, i would always think about my HEALTH and if a brand like Bafovy sells product on amazon (i got them in 2 days, at least here in italy) and comes with all the needed quality assurances, i don’t mind paying a “little more” respecting of a super cheap aliexpress brand, because these 3 toothbrushes are still a very cheap alternative to the known brands and last but not least important they comes with lots of included brush heads and the customer case is REAL That’s all and if you have any question just ask in the comments! ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/ceffae00-d98f-432f-afb7-0829cc613b9d.png)

android 10 version. but now problem seems solved. i updated to .11 i was on .10 i will update if it will reoccur

true…but better than nothing

any way to open lemmy link with the app?
on android setting...opening links. i find a lot of apps used for the default opening of links. but that list can t be managed and any entries are possivle to be added. is it a feature that ONLY an app developer can do? i would like to open lemmy links not on default browser but on the app

app crash when uoload image on post
hi. am i the only one who can t post an image without crashing the app?

no…also me. i enter user pw but loading never ends

addirittura si risponde da altri fediversi come mastodon? devo provare… anche se detto tra noi non sono tanto un fan dei social alla twitter. mai registrato a twitter non so neanche come funziona MA…se funziona come mastodon allora è propruio l opposto di un social inteso come cooperazione e stanze ecc. correggimi se sbaglio ma su mastodon o “SEI QUALCUNO” e quindi seguito, oppure è inutile postare roba…tanto chi ti si caga?

oppure, ok postate anche li i vostri articoli ed io potrei anche rispondere al post MA non posso aprire un “dibattito” o post come posso fare su lemmy/reddit…

bella batosta. usavo da anni vanced. conosco newpipe per certe cose è anche meglio l open ma non permette di commentare i video …non avendo login.

ps: vedo che nessuno commenta mai i post di lemmy. io ci sono arrivato dal post su telegram (uso sempre telegram) ma è onorevole che lasciate commentare SOLO su lemmy e non su telegram. cosi giustamente la gente deve farsi lemmy.

davvero un peccato! anche se io con adaway e nextdns non ho mai visto pubblicita e probabilmente ho i tracker bloccati. continuero ad usarlo è un ottimo browser

noce found! and nice project…> lib.reviews

why the username uses "@" at the begginning?
i am trying to follow someone. sometimes i notice i can type my full username with this syntax @myusername@mastodon.xxx sometimes myusername@mastodon.xxx what is the REAL username needed to type when i follow someone? and why this strange behavior to add an initial @ ?

hai pienamente ragione ma d’altronde non esiste neanche il giusto e lo sbagliato il bene ed il male, in senso assoluto. è tutto RELATIVO agli occhi di chi pensa.

il referendum sul nucleare è stato una barzelletta, far scegliere a della gente ignorante in materia se dovevamo mettere o no il nucleare. oggi con la guerra ne paghiamo le conseguenze, siamo nella merda fino al collo dal punto di vista energetico, e cio si ripercuotera su tutto e tutti.

un referendum per forza di cose è una immagine di quel momento della testa di un popolo. e per inciso ripeto del POPOLO in quanto ignorante e stupido in grossa %. la massa è quella eh. ignoranza allo stato piu puro possibile.

gia per questo, riterrei NULLO qualsiasi referendum dove l intera popolazione possa votare. si lo so dovrebbero aver tutti parita di parola, ma è proprio cio che porta al collasso le societa. che persino gente che non capisce una H puo avere la stessa valenza di voto tuo, che magari invece ragioni bene. Ma d’altronde chi puo decidere chi ragiona bene e male? non è una forma discriminativa?

but in movies, only if it’s about a movie. if it’s about something like a gadget? a phone? a bluetooth headphone and so on? i think a place where people can post reviews and discuss would be nice

in which community can i post a review?
is it possible on lemmy, post a review about a product i bought or i simply wanna share with others with pictures and written review? if yes, in which community? or maybe i should open a community about reviews?

can i sort communities?
i am new, i tried to sord communities per replies, posts, comments but if i click on the column name nothing happens. is it me? or is normally impossible?