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What if we don’t think that people should be disposable and erased completely from society, but also believe that we should openly discuss harm, power dynamics, cult of personalities, and toxic cultural trends in our communities? I can recognize what RMS has contributed in both actual code and free software philosophy. I can also recognize that as a vocal figure and visible figurehead some of hist writing and actions have caused harm to others. I don’t think he is being “lynched”, and I don’t want to see him literally killed. I don’t want to see him imprisoned. I don’t want to see him ostracized. I don’t even want to see his contributions diminished. I do want to see him work with willing community members to work to do better and heal some of the harm that he caused. From what I’ve seen he’s said he is at least willing to consider this.

The question remains though, should he remain in a position of power in the free software community while he is working with the community to find justice and work toward healing? I’d argue it’s pretty clearly not an appropriate position for him at this time, and it will cause more detriment to creating a healthy thriving community than stepping down and working on those other things. Imagine if he did step down and started working with the community to talk about what he learned and how he’s growing, and advocated for more community members to work toward building the free software community by creating a welcoming space for them.

Instead, I keep seeing posts like this that are knee-jerk reactions to people’s anger that seek to defend his worst actions from any accountability. I don’t know how a community grows and thrives from that position. It feels like the free software community is turning further inward and actively pushing people away. And, FWIW, I also feel like creating an atmosphere that demands that transgressors are disposed of and erased from the community also drives people away. The path to a just, welcoming, and thriving community is somewhere between that.

Does this not actually centralize moderation with a few who have “reputation and trust”?

I think there are some features of what you cover which would be good. Like I think having opt-in federation with maybe a little flag that lets you know that other servers you federate with have intentionally defederated with the instance. Still, I would want to be watchful that we don’t moderate by populism. It is possible that a minority group could start an instance and get ostracized.

Also, each instance has slightly different moderation needs. Perhaps your instance is not OK with people posting sexual content on the public TL, but I welcome it. Both positions are fine, and I could understand why your instance might defederate from a group that posts sexual content, but that doesn’t mean that my instance should to. I don’t know if a centralized set of moderators could make those decisions for a whole network of diverse instances.

Who are you shoplifting from? There is a difference between shoplifting from someone like Walmart who profits millions, mistreats their employees, and accounts for loss due to shoplifting in their accounting, and a your local bike worker owned bike co-op that is struggling to make it month to month.

What are you shoplifting? Is it bread because you are starving? Is it a just some junk because you want a thrill?

There are obviously a lot of things to consider when it comes to shoplifting. It must be taken in context and consider the larger societal forces that regularly allow capitalists to legally rob proles. If you are interested in a film that explores the nuances around this I highly recommend Vittorio De Sica’s 1948 film Bicycle Thieves.

Yeah, I can’t speak to the cultural impacts at the time. It just brought up some of those feelings that I have from living in my cultural concept, and made me think a lot about what a liberated fashion even is.

I def think it’s a cool piece of historic artwork/propaganda. It made me think about a lot of things critically which is what great art does ☺

It’s really cool to see a historic piece of propaganda that pushes in the opposite direction of US brand consumerism.

Seen through a contemporary feminist lens the message feels a little weird to me as it has some implications of telling women how to dress. I’ve had a boss tell the office that women need to stop wearing “such bright colored” clothing because it’s distracting. American school systems have dress code that often force traditional and conservative values of how women should dress and remain “modest”.

That makes me think about what a feminist and anti-capitalist fashion culture and industry would look like. The extreme of so called “fast fashion” that creates so much waste isn’t the answer, but I also don’t think conservative prescriptive fashion is great either. I sort of currently have a lifestyle that is dressing in the refuse garments of other consumers, and that obviously also wouldn’t be sustainable without the whole capitalist fashion industry as it is. IDK, what the answer is.

This piece does make me think a lot about how contemporary anti-consumerist propaganda can appeal to the dreams of women freely choosing their fashion away from both the patriarchs and the capitalists. 🤔

Thank you for the post. The community is pretty small right now (38/users a week according to the sidebar). So, I don’t think we should over-engineer a set of community guidelines until we need it. Maybe just a regular check-in like this once a month where we can discuss any changes and propose adding/removing moderators if needed would be enough for now? That would let people air concerns and give mods who are feeling burnout a chance to step down and have other people take on the responsibility if they need a break.

I don’t think this is supposed to be for beginners. In fact I don’t think it’s wise to use if you want to setup a system for the first time. I do think it really shines as a library though.

Checkout the examples folder in the repo: https://github.com/archlinux/archinstall/tree/master/examples

You can create a custom installer to setup your systems for known hardware in less than 50 lines of python. In the unattended example is shows how you can build profiles such that if you have multiple hardware configurations the script can match configurations to a systems MAC address and then set it up accordingly.

This can do wonders if you are doing automated system deployments at home or for a company. You can setup your custom install with one command and have it up and running in a couple minutes.

You keep implying that any “nuanced take” contains unverified claims, but you already said that my take (which I consider more nuanced than the straw-men takes I listed) doesn’t. You just believe it doesn’t warrant US aggression toward China. Hey, I agree. I have no delusions that my take is going to stop US aggression more than the fact that I ate toast this morning will. My nuanced takes didn’t stop the invasion of Iraq in 2003, but neither did my organizing, marching, and shutting down the city I live in when the bombs fell. GWB literally just said “he didn’t care about protests”.

This thread is literally the most I’ve ever written or spoken about the Uyghurs, and probably the most I’ve criticized China this year. It was literally a response to someone posting a list of claims where I called for considering that a lot of it is filtered through the US propaganda machine.

I honestly have better things to do now. If you want to cancel me for saying China isn’t perfect and some Uyghurs exist who are unhappy with China, then by all means do so I guess. I’m going to go and actually work on a project that helps change the material reality in the community I live in.

I don’t use the word “tankie” personally. I find it over simplifies the position of many communists. Yes I straw-manned a fake ML take just I staw-manned a fake anarchist take, because I was trying to say that’s those staw-men are how people often argue about this. The whole concept of anarchists treating both the US and China equally in the matter is a straw-man. No anarchist that I know of is organizing efforts in Xinjiang to fight China. While pretty much every anarchist I know in the US spends hours every week organizing efforts to fight the US in one way or another.

You keep claiming I’m saying something I’m not which is what is annoying to me. My entire point is that you are creating better propaganda for the US imperialist machine than a take of “some Uyghurs claim oppression” ever could. You make any claim that the West is producing propaganda on the subject with goals of imperial aggression seem childish and not worth listening to. You berate people who ostensibly agree with you, but they just don’t want to start flying the flag of China outside their house either.

The only things I said that could be in anyway considered critical of China are:

  • China is not a utopia and has a number of areas where they could improve
  • Some of the Uyghurs have made public claims of oppression by China

Trying to argue against either of those seems silly as utopias don’t exist in the material world and there is documented video of some Uyghurs claiming they were oppressed by China. Arguing against that with some anarchist, who would take to the streets to stop US aggression against China, on the Internet does nothing to stop US imperialism. It’s even more useless than writing your political leaders and begging them not to take action against China.

I believe that nothing is beyond criticism, including (and especially) myself, just because there is a worse evil out there. If that’s what you believe, then cool I guess. Just please be consistent and stop criticizing me (an anarchist who is post-civ and believes fighting the West is important) as I am a lesser evil relative to the West, and Western hegemony is the #1 enemy.

I literally just said that part of my nuanced take is: “I would fight against a US imperial attack (militarily, economically, or otherwise) on China.” And “The US getting involved sure wouldn’t help anything.”

But OK.

The discussion around China’s treatment of Uygurs is always so unnuanced to me.

All of the arguments I see read like there are only two options:

  • China is a villain and needs to be stopped.
  • China has not and never will do anything wrong. Your criticisms are orchestrated by the CIA.

I tend to believe all of the following can be true at the same time:

  • The US is imperialist and the Biden administration is going hard against China
  • China is not a utopia and has a number of areas where they could improve
  • A lot of what the US is pushing in regards to the Uyghurs is filtered through a propaganda machine bent on helping their imperial goals
  • Some of the Uyghurs have made public claims of oppression by China
  • As an anarchist I believe in working toward ending oppression and I stand in solidarity with people’s struggles against oppression
  • As an anarchist I would fight against a US imperial attack (militarily, economically, or otherwise) on China
  • As an anarchist in the US pretty much all of my organizing is focused on oppression here and not in other countries
  • My actions in solidarity with the Uyghurs are pretty much saying things like “I hope the Uyghurs find liberation in China, but the US getting involved sure wouldn’t help anything”

What are some handy youtube-dl aliases you use?

I just saw the huge list of sites that yt-dl supports, and it’s … well staggering. I’ve been playing around with it a bit more, and I’m writing custom aliases for ease of downloading. For example I made: …

I understand a little better now.

I still don’t think that anarchists are inherently hard to deal with. Criticism should be taken, considered, and acted upon. Sometimes after consideration the action is just noting the criticism and moving on.

Part of anarchism is the ideal of free association. We should organizer with people and groups that align with us. It’s totally OK if all left organizing doesn’t align 100% with each other.

I don’t understand why you are asking this question of anarchists. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but it seems to me you are asking why anarchists would be difficult to recruit into a small organization that doesn’t share their ideals. It seems self evident to me. Why would such an org focus on that? Surely their time would be better spent elsewhere. There are plenty of organizations and organizing efforts that work on immigrant issues that are anarchist. There are plenty that are not anarchist. Some anarchists work on non-anarchist organization projects depending on what they are. Some non-anarchists work on anarchist organizing projects depending on what they are. It happens all the time.

An ideology or a value system doesn’t make someone universally “hard to work with”. It seems about as logical as walking into a room of people who bake cakes and asking “I know a small organization that is baking pies, but the organizer says that their values are too far away from cake ideals. Why are cake bakers so hard to work with, and how do you deal with them?”

Why worry about it? Just work on your org, and anarchists will work on theirs. When the goals of orgs align with the goals of individuals with other ideologies maybe they’ll come help out.


Desktop screenshot clean


This makes me imagine:

  • An infoshop robot that roams around on the sidewalk and offers radical pamphlets to passersby.
  • A mutual aid robot who goes down the streets of the neighborhood, stop by your door, you can take that can of corn your neighbor Suzy put on there, and then you can add your home baked cookies to the selection before it moves on.

Because the servers that were banned were extreme right-wing instances not socialist instances. If a club I go dance at lets socialists in, but tells nazi punks to fuck off I think that’s a pretty cool club. If a bar lets in nazis I won’t go there.

First they came for the Nazis, and I did not speak out, because I’m not a Nazi. Everything was pretty cool after that, because taking away a platform from people who advocate for genocide is totally reasonable and a good call.

Their website claims it has a bio-degradable “shell”. It has a warning on it that is standard for lithium-ion batteries (and that would make sense for this type of product). Technically the batteries are recyclable. In fact, they have to be recycled as the battery innards are a safety hazard and toxic to the environment. The best li-ion recyclability rate for a li-ion battery is at 80%. Meaning at best for every 5 produced there will have to be one made from freshly extracted resources. Again, this is the best case scenario, and that still leaves two obvious facts as to why these are not ecologically friendly:

  • Most people will throw them away. I can’t find reliable data on how many batteries are thrown out, but I would be surprised to learn a majority of people recycle old devices with batteries in them or their household batteries. I have trouble imagining someone buying a 12 pack of these and taking the time to go to a recycle center to dispose of them appropriately. The packing and website mention nothing about spent battery collection for recycling.
  • Lithium is mainly harvested from exploited countries like Bolivia. As oil becomes less and less economical for the US and we move to battery powered technologies for cars and such there is no reason to think US imperialism won’t have similar aggressions to lithium rich countries as they have had toward oil rich countries in the middle east. Elon Musk, who uses batteries in his Tesla cars, tweeted “We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.” when a right-wing government executed a coup in Bolivia which has a large amount of lithium that US industry wants as cheaply as possible.

They are on the sidebar of the community: https://lemmy.ml/c/anti_consumerism

As far as I can tell, this is a standard practice for Lemmy communities.

Lets Talk About Housing and Portland's Future Infrastructure

TLDR: Outside of the regular circular arguments around housing we have in Portland what are your thoughts on building effective and equitable housing infrastructure for the cities future? …

I’m pretty new to lemmy, and created a community to reflect a topic I like to discuss: anti-consumerism. I’m hoping it’s similar to /r/anticonsumption on Reddit, but with a strict anti-capitalist lens and less shaming. …


My shitty little apartment held strong and never lost power, but it sounds like a lot weren’t so lucky. I didn’t realize it was so bad…