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I can’t think of something I can’t live without, but one thing I switched to that I wouldn’t want to go back from is a trackball mouse. I bought an Elecom Huge, and it’s been great. Though I still haven’t setup the extra buttons to work correctly on Linux. I keep meaning to.

You could call it Brisby, like Mrs. Brisby from The Secret of NIMH.

I’m not really sure why free speech is coming up in the comments here in the context it is unless people aren’t reading and are assuming it was shut down by some external force.

Voat shut down because nobody was willing to foot the bill. They’re free to pay to continue hosting it just like every other site online, but they apparently don’t care enough about it to do so.

That’s kind of the way minimalism tends to go for some people. Minimal today might feel like bloat tomorrow.

Yeah, I think they’re just against it. One of their few listed goals (on their site: https://i3wm.org/) is:

The usual elitism amongst minimal window managers: Don’t be bloated, don’t be fancy (simple borders are the most decoration we want to have).

i3-gaps is a fork of the i3wm project. In the original there were no gaps options.

More info can be seen on the project’s GitHub page: https://github.com/Airblader/i3

i3-gaps is a fork of i3wm, a tiling window manager for X11. It is kept up to date with upstream, adding a few additional features such as gaps between windows (see below for a complete list).

It’s basically just the space between/around the windows. With normal i3 there’s no space, so everything touches. With gaps there’s space (“gaps”) between/around windows.