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Looks good, but I’m not sure why it’s “much more modern”.

It’s not. The Whonix VMs in Qubes are not run inside another VM. They’re run in the hypervisor like all other VMs in Qubes.

EDIT: unless you installed Qubes in a VM of course. Which is what OP was asking about, and that is not supported.

I just noticed you mentioned my misskey account. How did you know it was me ?

Hi ,thanks. I searched for onoffled@lemmy.nl and subscribed to myself, so this means it is federated, right ? Do you know Is there a way to create a post from another instance, or is it limited to comments ?

Thanks, this helped me! That’s what I was looking for :)

Hmm, I think I’m getting the whole point of it. I found this lemmy account on the miskey home serve I use. Thanks for the guidance!

Hmm, not sure. I’m kinda new to this fediverse thing. How can I know if my misskey home server is federated with lemmy.ml ? If it is, how can I share ?

I’m already grown up. The best thing is getting to know oneself, and be able to improve. It can only be achieved through experience (aka “errors”). Use your experience to tune yourself!

I spent a few days last summer recording and validating. The amount of people recording in a language they barely comprehend or speak, or with dogs barking/sirens in the background is hilarious.

Well it looks like you’re in good hands with @ksynwa@lemmy.ml!

This might be a bit off-topic for this comment thread, but is reinstalling everything an option ? If you have a backup of your data, this might get you up and running quicker. If you don’t have a backup, you could plug in another drive and copy files using the live media.

Sharing a post to fediverse ?

I often find link posts I would like to share with my fediverse followers (Mastodon et al.). I was looking for a “share” icon or something similar. …

I just tried it on a few sites, and it works! Nice find!

The two tools I really cannot do without are :

  • Joplin for markdown notes (encrypted and synced through nextcloud)
  • Copyq for clipboard history and automation based on the clipboard content

Thank the gods for Valve and all the other projects which made proton possible. The best thing that happened for Linux gaming in a long time I think.

Glad to see Markdown support in the chat! I’ve always felt the chat in Mumble is not getting enough love. A bit of restyling the UI could go a long way making it feel “more modern”, whatever that means.

Because it’s foss and distributed. Because on Reddit I would refrain from engaging. Hopefully I can do it more on here.