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I made @nar@voyager.lemmy.ml about 3 months ago, and now, I’ve noticed one error. It doesn’t seem that lemmy.ml and voyager.lemmy.ml federate. Is this on purpose?

Don’t forgot email, and computers, and talking, and FaceTime, and calling, and existing /s

yeah. if this goes through, then apple will also have to ban whatsapp and even facebook. I believe parler was banned for being under-moderated. I believe Telegram is over-moderated; when I made my first account, I was banned for 3 days after a few minutes even though all I did was message a few family members. (this was around december 2020 btw)

Yes it is pretty! It helps explain many things, while I just jumped into the unknown asking random and stupid questions and trying to figure out how everything works by myself.

I’ve found that lemmy.ml/instances shows a list of instances this instance is interacting with

Wow cool! I do have an account on voyager.lemmy.ml, but that was just for testing out federation. Looks like this is full-on working now!

Cool! I’ve been away for the past 3 months; has federation been implemented yet?

That’s so cool!

btw, I haven’t used Lemmy since around Oct 2020; has federation been implemented yet?

That’s true, but they do run their own searx instance.

Ah. Thanks. I looked at the modlist of my community but there was no button to add mods.

@nartoLemmyWhere can I start?

El Haram, El Haram, Giza, EG