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Yes removing Google Play services will reduce the spying that Google does on you but the mobile company can still possibly spy on you. How do I check that my phone has a randomized MAC address or not?

Sorry for a late reply. The grapheneOS seems to have a problem with not a very welcoming community but their OS is still good with all the security and privacy features that it comes with? If it is not Google Pixel + GrapheneOS that is the most private way of using a mobile phone then what is the most private way? I see this set up recommended in almost every privacy community including this thread.

Thanks. DivestOS is a fork of LineageOS. Website: https://divestos.org/

Madaidan’s article also seems to recommend Pixel + GrapheneOS. Would there be any significant difference between Pixel 3, 4 or 5 when it comes to privacy? Asking since, Pixel 5 costs more than 4 and 3 and whether it would be worth paying an extra hundreds of dollars for the latest Pixel.

Unfortunately privacy and convenience generally just don’t go together and the convenience factor along with the mentality of “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” makes people just go for the most privacy violating stuff and arguing about privacy with those who have that mindset is just not easy either.

This is interesting to hear. So research finds no presence of any backdoors on the TITAN M chips of Google pixel phones. I wanted to buy a new smartphone which is more private and so far the most private OSes are only supported for pixel phones. On a sidenote, how does the GrapheneOS compare to other OSes like the LineageOS or DivestOS?

For me it would be enough that big corps not taking my data or tracking any of my activities. With degoogling you can only decrease the amount of spying that big corps do instead of completely eliminating it?

Librem seems very expensive ranging from $1200-2000. Can’t afford that, I would want something less than $500 and if more preferably to be under $350. Would sticking to android that’s already installed and degoogling it be really enough when it comes to privacy?

Which smartphones are most private? Is a Google Pixel + GrapheneOS really the most private way?
What are the most privacy respecting smartphones to buy, I am also looking for the one which respects your privacy the most. So far going to privacy communities esp on reddit, I often see Google Pixel + GrapheneOS being recommended. But the thing is I don't really trust Google with privacy, as we have seen they are last one to respect privacy. What if Google has some backdoor in the hardware that cannot be changed? And the problem with the more privacy respecting OSes for mobiles like GrapheneOS, CalyxOS etc are that they are only supported for Google pixel phones. So I am really confused here.

Discord is really bad for your privacy. They collect a lot of your data. They do not even allow you to register an account under Tor or VPNs, if you try to do so, they will block you and ask you for your phone number.

Ofcourse he is going to say that, so that he can not get a loss in profit

Google has an alright security but they’re absolutely atrocious when it comes to privacy. Now even making an account on gmail requires you to give away your phone number.

A lot of downloads do not make it easy to verify it’s checksums either to verify the authenticity of the file even if you’re downloading from a source that is credible

Why do some people still think that Apple somehow respects your privacy? iOS is just another closed source OS that spies on you and since it’s closed source you cannot audit it’s code either.

They’re all the biggest privacy violators, not to mention the general toxicity. I remember one post which represented which companies collect your data the most and insta came at the top at a score of like 80%.

Same. I am from a third world country that is a “liberal democracy” on paper, and is slowly heading its way to fascism in the past decade. Only the interests of the rich are represented.

Humorously, the hashtag “#DeleteFacebook” is also trending on Twitter as the company battles continued pushback against the effects its platforms have on younger users


Yeah moderation by humans plays an important part in maintaining a community. It took Reddit years to take hateful down subs like MGTOW, T_D etc. they will let hateful subs stay as long as it doesn’t hurt their profit and public image.

The ongoing rampant bigotry on any larger subreddit. Reddit is a hub of misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism etc. and the annoying ads as well but luckily ublock origin comes to rescue. You know what I remember something, when I was editing my avatar on Reddit, in just 10 minutes, ublock origin blocked about 22000 ads for me. Yes over 22000 ads.

Woah, it looks quite affordable as well at $220. It isn’t so super costly like librem or system76 laptops whose costs can easily exceed $1500.