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I met a guy who said “in the UK it’s only old, white, and racist people who display the flag”. It’s the same in the United States, but old, white, and racist people are more common! Half joke aside, it’s common in the US, but the typical caveat that the US is a large and diverse place applies. It’s common in some parts and not in others. I suspect there’s a high correlation in flag flying and affiliation with a certain US political party.

I wish that the United State had both leaders willing to devote bandwidth to issues like this, and populace that cared enough to think critically about their own habits.


Agree with the “gross privacy violation” sentiment, but on the other hand this is supposed to be art, and I would say it is successful in provoking a reaction. Hopefully it makes the average person more conscious about what they make blatantly visible in public. I was expecting some long range zoom lens used based on the headline, but it was taken with just a regular iPhone! Anyone within 5 feet could have read that. You can’t count on taboos to protect your privacy.

Parker Solar Probe indeed got closer, but did not take photos of the sun from that point. Another important detail that is a bit confusing is that this is also not the highest resolution image taken of the sun. Ground based telescopes have taken higher resolution images, however, they cannot image in EUV because EUV is absorbed by the atmosphere. (So, this is likely the highest resolution imaged in EUV, which is necessarily a space-based observation.)

DigiKam is awesome photo management software!! I recently switched from iPhoto because I was looking for something more cross platform in case I leave mac, and because it allows me to still use the command line to operate on the files (eg. with exiftool).

Completely agree that this is a terrible idea. Not to mention how difficult it is to enforce software licenses already… who’s going to pay the attorneys and sustain any kind of lengthy court battle?

This would be amazing. We can dream in the meantime because I have a feeling this is a long way off. Currently, the most direct government support for FOSS is probably through public servants who use their employment to contribute to FOSS projects.

Self hosted Wekan as a kanban todo list, essentially. Supports due dates, tags, comments, checklists, etc. It works on mobile, but I personally don’t use it on mobile much. Starting off with eg. backlog, this week, now, and done is a good start. Add columns as you need. Eg. I also have a column for waiting/delegated, dropped, and reading list.