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Same like you, at first it was interesting but that it was obvious that it is staged for what ever reason, but definitely not sincere. (i do have ideas, like interesting coincidence with release of buggy win11, or just thought this will generate more views so i decided not to help in that further.)

Linux has issues especially for newcomers and non experienced users, but Linus missed all of it and complained on something else.

Not to mention that compared to win is much much simpler to install and use. Just imagine someone who never installed anything (os, drivers, software) and you give them linix live usb and windows install usb… linux will:

  • work and be usable without instal
  • have all the drivers instaled and working
  • have software to actually use that computer

windows will have non of those, and will be unusable for normal person.

When watching non techy friends use phones and computers,I just see how cluttered and non consistent GUIs really are. And changing with each version.

I hate uodating because something will change. Worst offender by far is OsmAnd, great application with awful UI, but even worser is they change it all the time and I can not even learn it and get used to it after years of use.

Most aplications, desktop, mobile and web havr a lot of options 90% of users don’t want to see or use. Solution might be to make simplified and complex UI for each software and mke simplified and consistent UI as default and easy switch to change it to complex and custom.

I don’t think this is user fault, I do think this is just bad decision making on all levels of application design.

After helping them with, to me, unknown applucation people usualy ask me “How did you know where to find that option?” and my answer is “I would put it there.” and I am certainly not a person to male any kind of decision on UI side of things.

tl;dr: UI bad.