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Its not like the pirate bay hasn’t ever been a subject of a federal investigation though. 3 of its founders served jail time and it was raided by the swedish police twice. Despite this their downtime has been pretty limited.

Moore’s law has fundamental limits in that transistors can only get so small before the electrons begin to quantum tunnel through them. After which, you can only increase the number of transistors by increasing the size of the chip. I think some roadmaps predict that circuits will become more and more specialized so that the performance increases without having to increase the size.

Counter speech requires orders of magnitude more effort to create, so the type of low effort posts that radicalize people will always win out among populations susceptible to radicalization. I think deplatforming bigots is completely justified but it is worrying that a handful of people get to control what the rest of us speak about. Decentralization is the obvious way forward because while bigots may keep their platform they can be shunned by other communities and it will be harder for them to radicalize people in communities who don’t want them because they will have smaller, more hands-on moderation teams and less profit-motive.