I think in a way its much easier to keep the pirate bay running, because the site doesnt have any media, and probably weighs a couple hundred MB at most. Meanwhile parler apparently had 70 TB of data, and there arent a lot of companies which can handle that.


Shots fired!

But he is right. Parler / gab do not have the skills or mindset to keep the ball rolling. And on the other hand, PirateBay is being shutdown for distributing copyrighted content, and the founders are not US based. Parler is a platform led by US based people which signal boosted people who know face insurrection accusations from the FBI. So Parler has a whole different bag of FBI blowing cold air up their asses.

Amazon / Google / Apple dropped them like a hot potato after FBI became interested in them with some of the harshest accusations one can face in the US.


Its not like the pirate bay hasn’t ever been a subject of a federal investigation though. 3 of its founders served jail time and it was raided by the swedish police twice. Despite this their downtime has been pretty limited.

Hell yeah, I love the guys behind TPB.

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