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I store the database on my nextcloud server, and access it through the apps from my devices. Works well.

Yeah… This is insane. Am not Polish, but am Eastern European. I know this smell very well. Doesn’t Poland have strict rules on how public contracts should go? Or this is not even treated as a contract since money didn’t exchange hands?

In the next few years the people who were in charge of this project are going to get showered in public positions and / or contracts. This is sad.

Oh that makes sense. In that case I guess Wikipedia could use a way to verify “original source” of information. if they don’t have that already

I don’t think that Wikipedia being hard to edit due to too many rules is a bad thing, editing a Wiki article should be a well defined process. I do think that there should be many different ways of contributing to Wikipedia.

On your second point, we must “advertise” not only wikipedia as a resource, but also contributing to Wikipedia globally. Lots of people seem to not know that you can edit Wikipedia content.

And for your last point, when dealing with remote written content, personal experience cannot be taken as a source. So you need to rely on the scientific way of addressing sources.

but does FB/WA really dare to lie that insolently?

Thought exercise: Would FB/WA have any reason not to lie? Or better put, any incentive to not lie?

Giving user more time, as in waiting for a couple of weeks until this blows off and then doing it again, but incrementally over the span of two or three months. Just move away from whatsapp folks.

The made with gimp watermark really sells this lol

Honestly, if RISC-V gets a fraction of Raspberry PI’s popularity I will be one happy nerd. Want this in my home as a full OSS server.

By personal I was referring to privacy needs only, as in some may have a higher need / desire need for privacy than others. I must have expressed myself in a weird way. I completely agree with everything you say, especially the last point. I am trying to hit a balance between promoting private alternatives and not being “the privacy nut”.

I think it is important for everyone to do what is in their power and knowledge level to better their privacy. If your privacy measures affect your professional or personal life, then I think you went too far. If it’s just a matter of convenience, then maybe you would want to revise that aspect and see if you go the privacy or the mainstream way.

For example, if using whatsapp is needed for work, or for communication with your family and you refuse to use it due to privacy reasons, that would be taking it a step too far. Not all of us are in the position of making such sacrifices for privacy and ethics, although I admire those who do so. But if you use Google Maps once a month and you keep using it because Osmand+'s search function is annoying to use, then you should have a look and see if you really need GMaps or not.

Privacy and how far we go to keep things to ourselves is 100% a personal (private) thing. What is most important is to be aware of how much of it we are giving away to big tech and then what they are doing with the information in order to manipulate us. We need to be able to take an informed decision on what we do with our information.

Shots fired!

But he is right. Parler / gab do not have the skills or mindset to keep the ball rolling. And on the other hand, PirateBay is being shutdown for distributing copyrighted content, and the founders are not US based. Parler is a platform led by US based people which signal boosted people who know face insurrection accusations from the FBI. So Parler has a whole different bag of FBI blowing cold air up their asses.

Amazon / Google / Apple dropped them like a hot potato after FBI became interested in them with some of the harshest accusations one can face in the US.