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They mention it in the dev video. Not sure if they say here that they plan on having it ready before it hits the market in December. If not in that video, there is a video out there with a steam official saying exactly that (maybe the q&a or the Gabe video?)

EAC and BattleEye will be Proton compatible before this is launched.

It. Is. Happening

Gnome. Very sane defaults and flow, customizable. Also fully navigable both via mouse and keyboard, which works great for me since I navigate my system and apps using both almost equally. It’s gotten hate for relying on extensions, but for me it makes it feel modular and customizable.

Really cool and interesting research, crap title and article opens up with a wrong conclusion, as is tradition.

Don’t know what you mean by “specialist”. Also not sure if you’d be looking into getting into software dev, devops or something else. Either way, making your first step in the open source space as a contributor is always to contribute.

Look at the software you are using, check their git pages, see what kind of help they need and then see if and how you can help. This can be writing code, writing documentantion, proof reading documentaion, helping out with translations / documentation, artwork and much more.

Starting to contribute will help you get familiar with various git flows and make you feel comfortable in an open source dev environment. From there it kind of starts rolling.

Using JavaScript doesn’t put money in his pocket, using Brave does.

at this point huge governments like India and Pakistan would directly get involved in producing the vaccine.

That’s a very good point, thank you

I really don’t get this bullcrap excuse. They can easily say that they can’t force opensource the vaccine, because it’s the IP of the companies who created it. If you force it open source, then these companies will not have any incentive to work on a vaccine when ever the next pandemic happens. That would be a good excuse. This “other companies would not be able to safely produce it” is crap, considering that at this point huge governments like India and Pakistan would directly get involved in producing the vaccine.

Either dash to dock or dash to panel (depending on what I’m in the mood for), top icon plus.

And the Tweaks app is a must.

That’s all I use, really. Gnome is pretty awesome the way it is, really. I really like that it gives you all the tools to have both a mouse driven and a keyboard driven workflow. I switch between the two workflows all the time, it’s just awesome to have it there and so accessible at all times.

You can have a look at WPGen and at Vectorify da home!.

WPGen gets you a nice material design with the stripes option.

Yeah, he can be a stubborn dumbass. The only way to use Windows safely is how ExplainingComputers guy (excellent youtube channel btw) uses Windows 7 because he insists in using some ancient version of some ancient video editor - completely offline.

I think he’s a positive force as far as awareness goes. He will display ways of making windows, ios or google android safe because he is trying to appeal to a very broad audience. The peoole he wants to reach are mainly non technical.

As for the bad, he has a “leave me alone and don’t make me pay taxes” kind of vibe going for him, almost like an ancap. That is not the focus of his talks though, just heard him mention here and there. That kind of stance is common among tech media creators though, and I never saw him promoting that.

For me, he actually pushed me towards degoogling my life. Overall, he touches on lots of privacy - related topics and I feel that he is being 100% honest. Sure, he may be wrong in some cases, but it’s just being wrong, not malice.

He is stupidly stubborn though.

@robbtoLinuxReorganizing $HOME

.{name} is best case scenario as far as I’m concerned. Plenty of apps will default to $HOME/{name}.

That kind of crap should be marked as malware or something

That’s malware - like behaviour. Firefox should outright mark this website as dangerous. A website should not instruct its user to disable browser security features.

That’s how I started as well for the first few months before I went all in and set up my own on a VPS.

I feel that contabo is giving those specs as an average or as a max. The resources are clearly shared. Evenings, at around 8 PM my time (10pm germany time) the web interface is painfully slow. Rest of the day it’s either slow or good. I dont use the web interface often, so can’t give more detail, but it definitely fluctuates. It’s perfectly usable in my experience though, and it beats everything out there for that price.

Cheapest VPS option on contabo. It works great for selfhosting a nextcloud server. But expect the nextcloud web interface to be slow. Usable, but slow. Everything else works just fine. Am not associated with contabo in any shape or form, just found them after tons of research in finding a dirt cheap vps

I’ve used tasks with my own nextcloud account and davx5, it didn’t require any payment to sync, so maybe the payment is when syncing with the tasks.org service?

Nextcloud has lots of “apps” which you can install and enable if you own the server. Tasks is one of them. For RSS feeds, I use the News nextcloud app. For podcasts, i use antennapod, don’t listen to many podcasts. Pretty sure you can use the nextcloud news app to keep track of those via rss, but never tried that myself. For notes, I just use the nextcloud notes app.

File syncing: Nextcloud has that baked in. On mobile, I use the official nextcloud app. On desktop, I use their app to keep my Documents folder, Videos and Photos synced. Just as you would with google drive or microsoft one drive. I use keepass for my passwords, so I have the file on my nextcloud account. That is synced to all of my devices, so I can access it at any time and it’s always updated if I change anything.

I also use cospend to keep track of expenditures in the household together with my wife. There’s also Deck for kanban board like tasks which syncs with your calendar. Carnet for a google keep alternative. And bookmarks, which allows me to never have to sign in to firefox, and have my bookmarks synced by using the floccus extension.

Open source apps will oftenly have missing features when compared to their corporate made counterparts. I find the tradeoff between a few features but control over your data and lack of advertising completely worth it. The major downside in my opinion is that to get all of this open ecosystem setup you need a fair amount of technical knowledge. That’s a major threshold for many people.

I manage to make use of nextcloud as a replacement for all google / microsoft services, and it’s costing me €4 / month, with 300gb of storage on my vps.

  • OS: OpenSuse Leap 15.2
  • DE: Gnome 3.34.5…