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only partially relevant to your question but I thought this might be of interest:


“Easy to use, Open & Decentralized Content Distribution”

version 1 spec is based on atom and draft version 2 is based on JSON-LD

in which an internet-using agent whose credibility is a random variable throws yet another hot take on top of the gargantuan pile, and then fails to engage with any reader feedback.

extra credit:

  1. are docstrings comments?
  2. what would Knuth do?

I listen to BBC news podcasts every day and they did not mention this. I wonder what that means if anything…

to answer the question directly, these are my favorite by a mile: https://vitasoy-na.com/vitasoy/ (not healthy, generally chock full of sugar, there’s a lower-sugar version on the website but I have never seen it in person)

I guess they could be OK in coffee, probably not on cereal unless you are trying to have a novel experience

anyone here make their own soy drinks? I think it’s not that hard with specialized machine (e.g. https://en.huarenstore.com/soy-milk-maker/soymilk.html).

for this to be cost effective you would have to be a frequent consumer of soy milk and the machines would have to be pretty durable… Also the drink produced this way is a very different texture from Silk or other soy drinks marketed to… I guess I could say “western consumers”

Let’s not exaggerate. I’m no boxing maven but in the video it looked like a glancing blow that did not even knock down the target individual. I admit I have watched the video a good few times. I don’t advocate violence.

comparison to monero
I am not well-versed in this domain but monero seems like the most commonly recommended privacy-focused decentralized electronic currency

I thought I was until I became a YAML engineer :crying cat:

I guess it’s hard to say what “popular enough” is for social networking services in the general case.

Maybe it would be fun to try again now that I have stopped using my real name on the internet (since we are among friends I can disclose that my real name is actually Joseph Blow, not jow bloe.).

Anyway I never really wanted to use what they were offering back in the day (nor proprietary alternatives e.g. facebook), so the question of whether diaspora is popular enough to exhibit sufficiently strong network effects to be a viable social network is moot I guess.

Maybe I will try it again with some public instance.

I tried to use it 10 or 15 years ago when it first came out; my impression is that it never really took off. Has diaspora* become more popular in recent years?

Is it possible to interact with Lemmy through RSS?
I like using RSS and it would be great to use this service in that way.