comparison to monero

I am not well-versed in this domain but monero seems like the most commonly recommended privacy-focused decentralized electronic currency


The most well known is Monero, which is a CryptoNote protocol coin, while Hush is a Zcash-forked coin, so their approach to privacy is different. Keep in mind that both Hush and Monero enforce mandatory privacy and even though Zcash has privacy technology, they never encourage their userbase to use it, so they don’t use it.

Hush is creating a privacy messenger over a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. There are some other CryptoNote coins doing the same thing, such as Conceal (CCX) and LOKI chat systems (Session). For more info about some of the differences between these coins, check out this link .


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$HUSH is a private messenger cryptocurrency, implementing a modified Zcash Protocol with extreme privacy and non-determinism to prevent blockchain analysis. Hush offers a decentralized network, the most robust encryption offerings from Libsodium, and a world-class development team, $HUSH is one of the most talked about up-and-coming privacy tech groups.

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