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Sounds great. Let us know when you make any progress please. Good luck.

I am truly addicted to Slashdot.org besides Lemmy.

Btw, fuck Reddit in every possible way.

it is frustrating that qwant is not available worldwide.

sorry but DDG has terrible search results comparing to Google. and i am still sticking with them just to support.

you’re brave. just walking in front of a 100-year-old house is enough to give me goosebumps. lol

the sad part is a great amount of people don’t care about privacy at all. they won’t quit any of the zuck-apps.

any privacy-first dev who uses google/fb product?
I wonder if there is a group of developers give priority to privacy and open source but still use service and products provided by big corps like google, fb etc... I can never imagine myself using their products and still complaining about their lack of privacy tbh.

I wonder if they can sink much deeper than this. they are literally forcing people to agree with their utter shit. this is digital tyranny.

there is no doubt that the system we are live in is screwed. and people won’t quit pretending that this is normal.

the only good thing comes with SO is absolutely their community. nothing else is really special.