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We managed to finalize some long awaited updates and migration, and kick of the federation! As per community decision we have one instance on blocklist, but looking forward to the glory of full queer space federation!

Been wondering about that in our community, I’m meant to tinker around with removing that block, since for us it’s in effect a list of recently added communities, which might be empty and/or little activity, and that is not very encouraging for new users.

We had a user ask for images in comments to be hidden by default. Useless for me, but maybe such an option for users to set would solve the problem?

There seems to be a “matrix.juggler.jp” where I would guess one could meet the person/people running this instance, but I’ve just signed up and bothered them on their lemmy instance, we’ll see.

Any progress on that? Might be the time to bother them ;]

As CrimeThink as they get. I like, and apriciate the critique, and at least partialy the conclusion. I think we sucessfuly managed to emply some of it with a major mobilisation in my country. But then again, that was published nearly 20 years ago. Easilly more than 2 generations of activists heave read this, and from my perspective the places where id expect it to be most popular dont seem that much closer to our common objective. Maybe its a long process, I belive in these. Or maybe life is not only about fun after all. It was always a struggle to survive, to gather resources, to protect onself and the community. Its rooted so deep in our DNA that we will recognise petterns of predators and threats in anything if that part of our brain is not stimulated enough, or actuall ones are to complex and indirect (que Q). So we are hardwired for what would mostly be considered some type of duty or obligation. And from my perspective, the experiments that are biggest and closest to what id be aiming for (Chiapas, Rojava) are heavilly based on ones selfless commitment to the community and its wellbeing, often against ones personal interest and surely not by sanely considerd enjoyment. I think we aspire to the ideal human life, but merly playing as if were there wont make it come true. Not particularly original, but balance and connection to reality seem to be the key…

Fair point about the videos. But what would you consider a better option for documents?

Oh one more thing I was meant to ask (for the future) is the possibility to expose points/carma. I can see some work around that in the repo, but not sure how it translates to end users. I mean both directly in the UI and in the API. I get why one might not like this system, but in some cases some positive reinforcement might come in handy, and I’ve got some other long term plans for it :]

And yeah, I know it’s just the two of you, and admire your work. Very happy it happened at the exact time I was finally making a decision to pick a system for something I wanted to set up as nothing could come closer to the ideal solution. And as far as my comments might come of as nagging, it’s really well intended in support of the dev process and help free some people from the corporate rabbit hole. I’m looking forward to every release changelog like it’s christmass xD

  1. 🤯
  2. Totally get that point, but also can see the point in posting a pdf or editable graphics format. Maybe something like IPFS…
    2.1 as an admin I also see a possible danger of rouge file uploads, in the future a moderation tool might come in handy, already had to manually delete some stuff uploaded by nazis by hand. will drop an issue for it if that makes sense.
  3. yeah I know, but it keeps sliding down in priority and I see it as a selling feature for my facebook groups locked-in movement

\o/ congrats on a new release!

Three questions from our instance;

  • is there any chance for the emoji support (picker) to come back? (maybe as a per instance option?)
  • would lemmy have an option to upload files other than graphics? (pdfs, docs, video and such)
  • private groups (as always from me :P)

Ridiculous phone development models aside author never tried taking a close-up of some detail in focus apparently, nor understands how composite photos work nowadays I guess…

Simple experiment; you likely have a ethernet cable somewhere around. On that cable theres likely some fine print with sometimes important information. Try to focus your camera on it and take a readable pic in sub-optimal lighting. Yes, I’m still frustrated days after attempting to do just that on a decent phone.

I’ll start holding candlelight vigils for the private groups 😭

our install went public few days ago; https://szmer.info/ with very limited promotion for now, looking to get some core users before I start running the streets with a board about it.

yeah, I know, went through the issues, and will have to check with said friend if he’s going to take it up (just a louse offer from him, but I know he did check on the code)

just starting, still testing, but about to go live for a group of early adopters. I find lack of open graph the biggest problem, followed by lack of private communities, but a friend is looking into that. otherwise I’m quite hyped xD