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TS-M1N3 ,a clone of a classic overdrive pedal …plugin’ lv2’ for #linux #lv2 #musicproduction 🎧 🎸…

I think that for starters, it needs to be more attractive, still a little confusing and with little resource… It also needed more publicity, many artists don’t even know the project. FunkWhale is much more attractive, for artists, I think many will agree with me…

yes, it would be very good for music producers with large studios, not only because of their interfaces, but also because of the possibility of having their own mixing plugins for Linux… Despite not being open source, some producers are concerned with the final product, and the fact that some tools we still don’t have for Linux, and are sorely missed, whether open source or not, keeps many great music producers away from the system. , Unfortunately … :(

the bug has already been reported, but so far no sign of a new release, I believe it will be out, when there are more plugins to add :)

Sitala DrumKits ( Unofficial )

Some drumkits I made with free samples , to use with " Sitala " :) !!! …

I’ve never used Wayland , I intend to wait a little longer to use it with PipeWire :D

Chuck and a language similar to Faust? I think I’ve seen about her… It has really cool plugins for game sounds, for example the “SocaLabs” synths :)

In this post I put some tools that I think are cool for creating music on Linux… Remember, the blog is in Portuguese, use a translator Hehe '…

i don’t have bitwig, but i didn’t know it was possible, interesting ,thanks :)

Post updated with more alternatives, I hope 2022 is very good for everyone, and many productions……

Post updated with more alternatives, I hope 2022 is very good for everyone, and many productions…

there are many , but the ones I put in almost everything are :

unfortunately I only speak in portuguese and my videos are practically minetest, but your project is very good :)

wow, i’ve been following your channel for a while, cool XD

that sounds interesting 😏

cool, I didn’t know that 🤔

I think Friendica is friendlier

I’m exploring this, looking at codes and trying to understand, but I have a lot to learn to make something useful for the game :)

I understand :) … but mineclone2 is another thing, if you look at original minetest stuff, like mob monster , Mese Dragon no doubt and minetest XD symbol … now I miss more interesting things, bigger challenges

Quiero programar cosas para minetest, pero todavía sé poco: /

I think the only ways are tags or by the same name: /