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Linux support for UniversalAudio Audio Interfaces

I am absolute not into audio, can someone explain why we exactly need this. The petition basically only links to a forum entry and when I read the forum posts it is not obvious to me why the normal user, like me, should vote for this or why this is needed.

I use pipewire and it gets all the job done. So I assume this is something music experts need who actually work with various interfaces, hardware etc.

The official website seems to be not connected to open source or to Linux, so the chance here to get support without help from them directly is afaik almost zero. I would try to contact them and ask to get official support.


yes, it would be very good for music producers with large studios, not only because of their interfaces, but also because of the possibility of having their own mixing plugins for Linux… Despite not being open source, some producers are concerned with the final product, and the fact that some tools we still don’t have for Linux, and are sorely missed, whether open source or not, keeps many great music producers away from the system. , Unfortunately … :(

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